Where this election will take the nation and the world is currently up in the air, but any and every subject it seems, revolves around Global Climate Change.  Whether we are yet aware of this as an important human and critical life-survival issues is up for debate, but lets ask the candidates?

What?  None have yet responded?  Don’t be so sure and by all means, let us ALL please pay attention, as if our collective future depends on it!  And oh yeah, it really does

As THIS is where the 2016 Presidential candidates’ discussions should be focusing on… it is instead heading in the very familiar territory of that same old and lately, all too common, silly, info-tainment, WWF-esque morass, where voters will, in one sense, be worn out by the non-sense and B.S. which had earlier, so guaranteed to excite and irritate the broad American public!

Because we’re trapped in the extortion racket of verbal fisticuffs which the energy crisis is focused since the advent of the Industrial Age, our junkie, dope-fiend-dependency on so-called cheap energy, has paralyzed our creative imagination from thinking, planning and creatively theorizing outside the confines of exactly what we are currently doing and can affirmatively achieve, in arresting the ominous advance of GCC (Global Climate Change, for the uninitiated).  Thus, we’ve allowed ourselves, our domestic Civic Culture and our very civilization, to be overtaken and blackmailed into thinking the only ways to produce, create, have & distribute cheap, affordable, clean & endless energy is… to remain shackled to current fossil fuel sources.

Every question being debated by every candidate in the running, in centered upon this one issue: how will we proceed to the future in a safe, mature & viable manner conducive to survival of life on planet Earth. Only Bernie Sanders has the courage & mature imagination to speak to this panoramic of imperatives for not only the human species, but all life on the planet. The real question is, do we, as American voters, have the maturity to take what he’s saying and embolden and empower ourselves in going where he will RESPONSIBLY lead – our society, our Democracy & human civilization, by virtue?

Taking for granted our leadership role, to borrow a phrase, on the world stage, we, as Americans, have the responsibility to help the world attain a more sustainable energy creation, production and consumption model, as we currently lead all of contemporary civilization in this regard.  And as we already have our marching orders, as to coordination of our Democracy overall, reading and continually re-acquainting ourselves with our foundational, civic roots, if we are to avert internal conflict, as well as helping in avoiding the external crisis of expanding Global Climate Change.

And by staying abreast of the issues, reading past and current literature, on every facet of being competent, able and virtuous citizens, we can’t possibly know where we need to lead – much less how!  But we have more than enough to get us, as a nation, up to speed, on how to approach our current crisis’ and how to get out elected leaders on board as we approach each election cycle.

Several books I’d recommend are noted here and should help, if in just the smallest regard, to bring our citizen-understanding to a point where we’re feeling confident enough to take seriously, our role as leaders or our Democracy.0621160935-00 - -ANDTHIS!

This seems and awfully assumptive and a tall stretch, considering the pressure on candidates of every political stripe, to kneel before the alter of the fossil fuel empire which, on the whole, rule in virtually complete autonomy from laws, regulations and even the recognition that life on the planet is doomed should we continue on our current path of fossil fuel dependency.

So what do we, as voters, plan to do in the face of such daunting threats?  That no one is discussing investments in renewable energy systems and/or sources and has put forward plans to those ends, does humanity a disservice.  But wait, here is where we’ve stopped listening if we don’t know about the Sanders plan to do just these things – at https://berniesanders.com/issues/climate-change/

What we expect from our government and Civil Society isn’t something we should leave to chance.  The very wealthiest among humanity have shown their temperment in terms of what they’re willing to gamble with, as well as what they impulsively value – in terms of material, verses more transcendent articles and entities which comprise greater importance to our collective existence.

Having lost focus as to the meaning and purpose of our Democracy is and has always been a major problem for humanity since our very first attempts to become – how should I say this – … civilized.  Having been through this too many times over the last 3,000 or more years, we should at least all be acquainted by now with the concepts of majority rules, advocacy of the common good, or not shitting in/upon one’s home, when that home is subject to general and/or common use of the public at large.  Not to mention future generations dependent on the same.

We have many considerations contemplate as election day fast approaches.  In the meantime, the Earth isn’t waiting for us to get our act together while we fiddle about over irrelevancies.  We only have one Earth and it is not about to wait for us to get our act together, while it slowly degenerates before our collective eyes.  As this is a Democracy and being dependent upon a collective voice of reason and authority, when will it be the right time for these questions to be answered?  Having fiddled about for several generations now, if we listen closely, we can actually hear our future ancestors yelling to us to think of what we need to do and do it FAST!!!


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I first of all, want to give all Glory to God for seeing me through this time of hardship and affliction.  I have come to realize that I would not be engaged in the moral and spiritual battles that are unfolding here, if not for the simple and basic fact that I’m striving to place my life closer to that of Almighty God and my personal Savior – Jesus Christ.  For this, I am certain that my enemies will be dealt with by Gods Might and not that of my own or man himself, since the evil of this world where the battle itself is being fought…

This story continues from the weekend of November 28, 2015…  As I was just going about my business and being illegally spied on by private security contractors and local police…  just a normal day, walking from my storage facility, up 28th Street where it joins Kalamazoo Avenue.

After reaching the Meijer store at the intersection, walking up to the entrance, I saw a vehicle which I was sure I had previously seen stalking me around town – a huge GMC white Denali (license plate number CE 1xxx8) which I copied down in the meantime for later reference.  I was quite surprised however to see a woman and her small daughter exiting the vehicle – I say surprised because I was sure this was a guy’s vehicle and fully expected to meet the contractor/off-duty cop/retired military owner of this grand piece of machinery face-to-face.

She obviously saw me, as she was going into the store, because before I could even enter, I saw she and her child coming back out with nothing and walking hurriedly back to the vehicle.  I will assume she made the call to report her suspicions as to what was going on and that she was relatively freaked out by the events unfolding and I, being unfamiliar with the whole spy game, continued obliviously on my way.

It wasn’t until I left the store, boarded a Westbound 28th Street bus and later, getting off about a mile from the Meijer store, did I realize something odd: the streets were buzzing – literally – with all of the SSV’s (or Surveillance Squad Vehicles as I commonly refer to them) that had normally been spying on me at one time or another, at various sectors of town, ALL AT THE SAME JUNCTURE of 28th street!

I went into a McDonalds at 28th and Madison to get a bite and just watch the parade.  And what a show it was!  I was able to view all the various Cadillac Escalades, the Tahoe’s and Yukon’s, the Chrysler 300’s, Ford Escape’s, Ford Crown Victoria’s (the one which look like off-duty police cruisers), Toyota SUV’s, Jeep Patriots, Liberty’s (of which I get mixed up because they look so much alike), Pontiac G6’s and the infamous Ram pickups (such as CD 55040), the gamut of the GMC line (Silverado’s Avalanches, etc), ALL converging upon the intersection of 28th Street and Madison Avenue!

This is also a great time for our elected officials to jump in and pick up the surveillance video of the time frame between about 1 to roughly 2 pm or so and actually see the white Denali pull into the Chrysler dealership directly across the street from McDonalds, pause while having a clear and unobstructed lane to head up 28th Street, East-bound, while I sat in the lobby watching the parade continue.  I would however be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Grand Rapids Police (as seen here  1128151332-00 (2) - -WGRPDDoingSteppdUpILLEGALSpyingBClDiscovrd1OfTheirs!  at the 28th Street and Madison intersections upon my departure from McDonalds) had their part in this show, making sure that wherever I went, they would be directing the parade my way, from ground or air surveillance!  To have this sort of command over the type of resources necessary to put into action this level of ILLEGAL SPYING on a normal, everyday, non-criminal MALE OF COLOR is an interesting question I’m sure Congress or the Senate would love to get more answers to – especially since I was just weeks from being fired from another job for being harassed!!!  YES – being fired for being picked with, food (such as this Pumpkin pie,  1109151834-00 (2) - VandalizedPieAtWork  brought to work to share with co-workers as is normally the case to increase workplace cohesion and camaraderie , but was instead spitefully VANDALIZED and wholly ignored by my superiors, including the director of human resources, who specifically assured me no form or harassment would be tolerated in any way, shape or form), and then, suffering a work injury and then, while in the midst of receiving therapy for injuries to my hands and wrists, was told they weren’t work-place (or in labor parlance “repetitive motion injuries“) or even work-related injuries, so the company (Ventra, LLC) would not continue paying for my rehab and MedCenter clinic visits.  Think of it: your personal belongings, rummaged through.  Your food tampered with.  EVEN from a secured locker.  You suffering a workplace injury and are told that the injury was your fault, happening else where, even though, through the work you have done continuously for the initial 60 days being repetitive, intense and unquestionably strenuous.  These are not small, minor incidents easily dismissed.  Especially in light of being under constant watch everywhere you go – and I do mean EVERYWHERE!

It doesn’t matter why.  The fact that my Constitutionally GUARANTEED rights to free speech are being not just infringed, but blocked illegally, from this blog, to my facebook page to working, attending school, or otherwise living a normal, unencumbered life life as any other American is the racist initiative set in motion with slavery to ensure that African-Americans remain tightly shut down in every way, so as not to even have the slightest mobility toward the equal justice guaranteed ALL AMERICANS from birth.

This puts a completely different light upon the fact that from the very FIRST THING in the morning (in fact this morning, at PRECISELY 8:18 am this morning of February 24, 2016, as I was walking from Jefferson Avenue, onto Franklin Street, to the Michigan Works office to do a job search, a squad vehicle was sitting – just SITTING THERE – and once seeing me, zooms CPT_0738 - ParkdAtSheldonAndFranklnSurvelldWalkngOnToFranklin... in my direction, just to ensure my attention is gotten CPT_0740 - ...ToThenSuddenlyZoom2WhereImAbout2Cross2DSS – for the pure purpose of racist intimidation).  Not only that, but as I attempted to send the pictures of this latest encounter, my phone signaled was repeatedly jammed, so that I could not complete a simple messaging function from phone to email, for over an hour!

Mind you, this is just this morning!  At the same place (the Michigan Works Office of the Department of Social Services on Franklin Street SE), I was not even off DSS property when I caught a glimpse of ANOTHER GRPD squad car crossing the Franklin and Jefferson intersection at exactly 5:32pm (17:32 military/law enforcement), yesterday, February 23, 2016 (as I’m just leaving the building CPT_0719 - HavingNotEvnLftDSSPropTheresGRPDAtTHSMOMNT and was suddenly so surprised I was barely able to get my camera set to take a picture – visible between sign and vehicle in turn lane).

And not to just single out the Grand Rapids Police Department or whatever are their motivations for stalking me incessantly, these incidents are in no ways confined to just Grand Rapids itself – or to being stalked while on foot.  The whole idea is to keep such close tabs on me that I don’t have a waking moment of movement without someone – the police, aerial drones, on my phone, or of course, on line.  This obsessive scrutiny involves MY tax dollars – even while I’ve spent a good portion of these last several years without work or far underemployed for my education and experience, this has to be a vendetta of some sort, that I can’t even enjoy the simplest of pleasures for myself as a law-abiding, responsible and socially conscious African-American MALE!

This past Saturday, February 20, 2016, while again, just minding my business, just leaving a 28th Street coffee shop nearby, I was confronted by two Kentwood Police officers springing out of the darkness, on the the public transportation platform.  As this wasn’t anything one expects, I immediately searched for my camera and before I could get good focus, they were confronting a group African-American teens, who had previously arrived there, had a few words, then abruptly left.  I’m currently trying to upload the pictures, but my phone again is jammed from sending photo’s so I’ll post them later, but this is the type of intimidation meant to inflict fear and anxiety needlessly, on a population that is seen as needing to be constrained in every imaginable way.

In another incident, while staying at a Knight Inn hotel before getting my current place, after hearing a disturbance outside my window, I looked out to see THIS (on November 2, 2015, at 8:47am)!1102150847-00 (2) - KWPDOutsdWindwAGAIN I had to wonder if I was dreaming, but then as I became more awake, I remembered this wasn’t the first time nor the only time and was a constant feature whether inside, outside, walking or on buses (as here, just arriving at the Kentwood Library on Walma Avenue  1124151256-00 (2) - JustOffThBus&StlkdBy... on November 24, 2015, at 12:56pm; estimating distance I walked since getting off the bus, seen in background, it was was only seconds)!  This must be the only way law enforcement can assure all citizens are secure when traversing the very safe, crime-free, subdued neighborhoods of Kentwood…

What has brought me to the attention of this level of scrutiny is an even greater question?  Having no criminal record, no criminal tendencies, no criminal ambitions, not even the courage to behave criminally, is obviously something I’m about to do, since all of these initiatives from being deprived of employment, being deprived of completing my education  –  I’ve been prohibited from frequenting the school (Grand Rapids Community College) I have not just one, but TWO Associate degree’s – as a distinguished academic, no less  returning to the Grand Valley State University campus for several years, because a university employees dismissed my claim I had been attacked by a fellow student with the same benzodiazepine-based substance noted in several past blogs, and in another instance, a university employee went so far as to lie on me about my harassing her, throwing papers at her, when routine surveillance video could have long ago resolved the issue with greater accuracy and thus avoiding reverting to 1916 or even 1816 penalties calling for the obstruction of non-Whites from obtaining any sort of education at all  –  or in other words, being denied my birthright access to life, liberty and my pursuit of happiness.

This is all pretty outrageous, until considering that a good many of my co-workers were themselves ex-veterans, ex-cops or individuals who had some sort of past dealings with the two and were now moon-lighting as private contractors.  I have no clue if any of this is accurate or not – what I do know is that on my last three or four jobs, with college degrees, experience to do any job with any corporation, I have run into a buzz saw of hostility, harassment and flat-out provocations to engage in fisticuffs, over… I don’t know what?!  How can American’s find each other under such criminal suspicion, all for a buck?  It is about getting paid after all if I’m not mistaken.  But being suspected of what?  My accusers have obviously not read my blog, otherwise they would realize my patriotism and love for God and country for outstrips and surpasses any level they could ever hope to attain.  So what is it really, that has drones flying over my home day and night (as here, CPT_0703 (2) - DRONECirclingStlkngOvrheadAsILeaveHm at precisely 8:53 on the morning of Frbruary 23, 2016, the very first thing in the MORNING, as I was leaving home – CONGRESS/SENATE – check FAA records of aircraft, heading west/northwest, over the Franklin Street/Jefferson Avenue area of Grand Rapids), or why frequently, when boarding or departing buses (see above), coming in or out of stores, my home, school or in flight from being stalked by both police and contractors (as here   , here   and   here   ), I’m shadowed by local police while, mind you, I’ve committed NO CRIME AT ALL!!!  But I’m a male of color, so no matter what I say I am, have or have not done, what is or is not in my official record, I am profiled and presumed already guilty by virtue of not being White!

Even at this very moment, in attempting to upload pictures to my blog media file, the function has now mysteriously frozen – as it does each and every time I get on my wordpress.com web page.  No matter where I am, what server I use, or which network I’m accessing.  I have no doubt that the reason – aside from not posting anything more interesting than being ILLEGALLY SURVEILLED by local police and private security contractors, is that people may find this all too incredulous to be true, is the substance of my writing.  That my Progressive/Liberal tenor has created such hostility that the only response is to erect impenetrable barriers to contain me, my aspirations, even my thoughts!  And trust me, there is nothing fictitious about any of this if the pictures prove any of what I say here – and should the reader have the money to afford the cost a FOIA investigation, that would be awesome.  I don’t!  But I have documentation that I will continue posting here – meanwhile it’s only a matter of time before the truth makes itself known – in spite of the odds against me and all other virtuous Americans of conscience!

And in our refusal to believe that racism is more precarious and far more sinister than in ages past, we condemn our selves and future generations to continue making the same mistakes over and over, without ever learning the lessons of some of the nations greatest generations.  The were the Americans who took their conjoined and collective experiences and created – yes – a more progressive and tolerant and giving America, that we slowly see being eaten away at.  While the former President, Ronald Reagan, is heralded as some sort of great redeemer of American… whatever, we have to acknowledge him as being the great divider that allowed White America to again feel comfortable about ridiculing and repudiating non-Whites, Women, labor, even nature and the environment, in his disdain for the initiatives by his Carter Administration predecessors, in removing Solar Panels from the White House.  But it is in fact, this very lack of foresight that is at the root over our current confusion as to whether or not Global Climate Change is in fact the very real threat that it is – and don’t take my word for it – a five inch rise in global ocean levels is pretty serious if you live in the Florida Panhandle or along areas of the American East Coast that were acutely impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

A recent article (White Americans Nearly As Blind To Their Racism As Ever Before –  by Jim Grimsley, in the L.A. Times, the writer re-visits personal experiences and juxtaposes them to more contemporary events in an effort to show the contrasts are not that different from then to now and if anything, the fact that economics have created a justified hostility towards those who – according to their perceptions – have not done their all to loosen themselves from the grip of deprivation, poverty and ignorance.  While seeing themselves as exceptional and a cut above and apart from non-White, non-wealthy Americans, the afflictions of re-segregations’ more heinous effects fail to penetrate the aura of White superiority, much less the White supremacist vista from which police, their companion security contractors and paid informants (be they Black or White), the perspective is that they would not be in the position to be hammered down if they made better choices in their lives.  The problem here is the denial of choices, which is inherent in the system itself and must be fought against HERE at the grass-roots level.  The more the average, common, ordinary citizen realizes it is their roll to oppose fight against hatred, racism, bias and institutional prohibitions of any and every form, in the most meaningful and sustained, long-term manner, the faster the afflictions of institutional hatred and bias will disappear.

Congressman Justin Amash and Senator Debbie Stabinow – the challenge is and continues to be on you to do your CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY and find out, why non-White citizens as myself are being relegated to third class citizenship and openly deprived of THEIR Constitutional Rights – for simply engaging in the public square of CITIZEN DEBATE – on THIS and other formats such as this blog.  Know that this is no inconvenience to me.  My hero’s have suffered as much if not more.  Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Frederick Douglas, WEB DuBois, Justice Louise Brandeis, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt(s), Eisenhower, Malcolm, the Kennedy’s, Dr. King, former President Jimmy Carter, Cornel West, the Clinton, the Obamas and many, many more significant and prominent past and current Americans give us the incentive to carry a torch of our own that will blaze the darkness of fear and hate that is trapping those who feel this repressive time in our nation is their own calling.  Knowing the history of this nation is what makes us a free people!  We understand that racism is the mental disease of Blacks and Whites alike – with Blacks being an intricate part of the ENTIRE contractor/spying for the police/FBI networks, so I anticipated this.  But should we all – as AMERICANS – sit silent, sit still, sit MUTE, while injustice and hardship and adversity plague a targeted sector of society, simply because of their ideology?  Their race and gender?  This in light of opposition ideology, as is playing out in Flint, Michigan, having the devastating consequences of destroying lives and futures of prospectively over 100,000 Michigan residents – all because they’re poor and reside in a predominantly non-White city population – they deserve poisoned water and can do nothing about it?

Had my life not been re-directed by racism of the type I’m fighting through at this very moment, I dare say I would be at the legal forefront of event going on in Flint.  Maybe my afflictors saw this and decided to short-circuit my ambitions before I could even get started.  Only Congress and the Senate have the answers and resources to tell the nation for sure what exactly is going on in here in Michigan.  By God Grace, my overcoming will be Gods victory – not mine and is the only way any of us can hope to survive this world and reach Glory …

Today, I discovered something unremarkable and quite human about the spies, contractors and police (uniformed and not) – they too fear being uncovered!  While going about my daily duties, I crossed several SSV’s (or Surveillance Squad Vehicles) on the way to taking care of business.  I thought it unremarkable, as I began taking down license plate numbers, when a driver of one of the vehicles noticed that I was in fact doing so.  All hell soon broke loose and I found myself being swarmed by contractors

, plain-clothes and on-duty police!  More later…


Several days ago, someone told me to forget about being watched by the police (uniformed or plainclothes), private security contractors, or whomever, and to just live my life… That is far easier said than done – under the circumstances. If it were that simple, I wouldn’t be concerned at all. But the complication is that while I’m being watched, I’m also subject to my property and person being continually violated, as a consequence of my blogging activities. In other words, by my whereabouts being known, those who have a keen interest in my location, moment-by-moment, every day, they also know where I am not, making me even more vulnerable to privacy violations – day and/or night.

Again, who are these people illegally spying on me, for what reason and who and/or why is such a thing being paid for at such exorbitant cost?

With a ready and willing pool of ex-veterans, private security contractors across this nation have a limitless number of individuals to call upon any time of the day of night, to carry out unimaginable terrors against their fellow Americans! These unsuspecting, ordinary citizens, going about the lives in total anonymity, have no idea they’ve been targeted, in complete and absolute violation of their First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights! What’s even worse, Congress has refused to and the nation’s courts have declined to (out of total Fear) act in reigning in this invisible terror afflicting the nation’s citizens.

This terror has taken gone to whole new extremes, with the introduction of nano-bots – tiny, near microscopic mechanisms which can be introduced into the human body, in order to do any range of activities, from monitoring and releasing a tracking signal, to introducing viruses and toxins. This, I suspect, is how I’m being tracked, whenever I call myself trying to evade those who are engaged in stalking me during my routine day.

This may cast a pall of suspicion over me and my actions – my attempts to evade surveillance and being illegally spied upon, but this is my right as an American citizens, to refuse to consent to being illegally surveilled, when I’ve committed NO CRIME, am engaged in NO illegal activities, am presenting NO THREAT to anyone and am conducting my life in a totally and completely Constitutionally safeguarded and legitimate manner.

So why are the police, private security contractors or others, so interested in where I go and what I do from day to day?  1025150919-00 (2) - AreaToLeftUseToBeDenseFoliageNowClearedForEasierSpying – This area to the left, use to be dense foliage; the clearing to the left, is recent, but not done by homeowner, of whom I visit quite regularly.  But ‘cleared’ for what?  Greater spying access, without question…

And since they already know I am absolutely NO security threat to my local community or the nation, what could possibly be the reason these people would have for needing to know my movements and whereabouts each and every day of my life? What has occurred in the past is the best indication to go on, since the inconspicuous nature of their violations makes it appear as if this is all in my head. But, as a recent article in the Atlantic Monthly magazine undertook and was titled, If You Aren’t Paranoid, You’re Insane, hits the nail square on the head! I am, at the time of this writing, at a public library branch, and in the last 50 minutes, I’ve been to the restroom twice. So what one may think… Big deal, some may say. But if Congress and the courts have repudiate their role in regulating the functions and activities of the spying apparatus and mechanisms, 1111152250-00 (2) - ThisVehicleStalkingMyTravelsTheLastSeveralWksW.DroneHereJustAboveLeft

it certainly will not likewise approach the regulating of the science involved in illegal, unwarranted and un-Constitutional spying, in any way, shape or form! As this is a far greater threat to unsuspecting Americans, being attacked from a physiological level, screams to our legislators to do something – LAST YEAR!!! But can enough pressure come to bear, to force the necessary sea-change required to keep the nation safe, but to also safeguard our individual rights and liberties – which also means arresting, convicting and jailing those engaged in such senseless attacks – AGAIN – against innocent, law-abiding and completely unsuspecting AMERICANS!!!

Fear Itself And The Invention Of Modern Terror

From the moment Republicans re-entered the White House in January, 2001, the relentless and unceasing initiative has been to terrorize the psyche of the nation. Being stable and peaceful (with ourselves and the world) for the first time in generations, what was there to be frightened of? Well, plenty if you’re an authoritarian-minded conservative Republican, hell-bent on upsetting that very equilibrium. And in proving that they, as an administration, as a party and to an individual, had no other agenda, the Bush-Chaney administration set about the task of provoking tensions and anxiety with the world at large, China, Iran and North Korea were all targeted and designated the Axis of Evil for no apparent reason!

Well before 9/11 in fact, the Republican administration had already crafted plans on what to do in the case of a national emergency, which ironically included the deprivation and the loss of Constitutional rights across the board. The necessity of such deprivations was to blunt criticism as a means of shutting down free speech among Americans in dissent against such actions and policies. And so, once 9/11 had occurred, it was then considered unpatriotic to condemn the sitting administration (but meanwhile, it was fine to vilify the Clinton administration, even though it was the Bush-Chaney administration which in fact, removed most – if not all – of the personnel and policy safeguard which were tracking, through intensive and selective surveillance, ALL of the perpetrators who would eventually participate in the 9/11 horrors. A fact based opinion, confirmed by Richard Clarke, Sharon Watkins, and others with intimate knowledge on the background of what occurred leading up to and on the day of 9/11.

Because of my own convictions of these same actual and honest versions of events of that day, I’ve been targeted, harassed and literally attacked as a consequence of not accepting a lie as to what transpired on that fateful and tragic day in our history. And just as was the case during the Reagan-Bush years, the most critical thing was to unsettle the minds and confidence of the citizenry, introducing fear and paranoia into the psyche of the American people. The spectre of ever present threats, danger and sudden attacks were common features of each of the afore-mentioned conservative administration. But why would the American people accept such madness, if the alternative – the Clinton administration’s secure, peaceful and prosperous endeavors – contrasting harshly against the realities of being placed squarely in harm’s way each time a Republican administration took office.

At a more local and individual level, the childish, vengeful and terroristic attacks on Americans such as myself (for having the audacity to believe such truthful realities), has put my viability as a self-sustaining, highly educated and skilled individual at risk. My pastor and I in fact had this very discussion, of speaking freely and honestly, in the midst of savage intolerances. Being reminded that sometimes, it’s not wise to say what one is thinking and while this may be true in some cases, it is not reasonable to suppress ones words and opinions when the lives and future of an entire nation are in the balance – and in this case, with America’s future being at mortal risk and American’s themselves being oblivious to the dangers self-censorship represent – it IS un-American AND unpatriotic to silence oneself in the face of a future without protected liberties, freedoms and an intimate sophistication of impacting events occurring all around us and our nation.

What this means is that as I continue running back and forth to the rest room, I’m reminded of the savage consequences of the authoritarian, tyrannically citizen-hostile present we now live. I’m losing precious nutrients and vitamins, while being deprived of sleep (with this same condition occurring at night whenever I manage to secure a safe place to spend the night), which impacts my cognitive functioning. Conversely, when I’ve had to sleep outdoors or in an abandoned vehicle, I find that I’ve been exposed to chemical toxins that leave me feeling detached, foggy and later, anxious, irritable and short-tempered – the result of continual exposure to benzodiazepines – which I inadvertently discovered were in my system two years ago. And requiring a prescription, I could not have ingested them accidently or even intentionally – as in a drug abuse scenario (which was impossible, being in the grips of crushing poverty and unable to even buy food at the time!).

As mentioned before, the mad-science consequences of warrantless, unconstitutional and therefore illegal spying have made even a simple doctors visit a risky endeavor. As mentioned in past blog posts, I asked my doctor (or his stand in – a Doctor Campbell) to conduct a blood test to determine what I already knew and instead of corroborating – through a simple blood test – the fact that a home drug kit test result came back positive, Dr. Campbell and his nurse-assistant (of whom I didn’t get a name) both denied that they received any such instructions and the sample from just 24 hours prior, had already been destroyed, told me that I was being victimized by a systematic campaign to deny me equal protection under law, to discover when my health is at risk or being endangered by individuals and entities determined to shut down my constitutional rights at all costs.

The absence of any action by Congress or the nations courts has left an entire nation at the mercy of those who are only about the business of spying and afflicting fellow-Americans with uncertainty, danger and violence, all in the name of earning a buck in the worst way – spying on their fellow Americans!

Congress, The Courts And The Constitutional Right To Be Left Alone

The confrontation with police agencies and spies under the employ of mercenary agencies, operating on American shores is the most sinister threat to our republic since the Civil War. This was no better highlighted than an encounter from this past October 26, at 1:33 pm, when I was looking for and found a rest room at an oil change dealership on South Division Ave. When I exited, I was confronted by an individual in his vehicle, on his phone, and then speeding up when he saw me approach. Immediately, I spotted an unmarked Wyoming police cruiser, crossing in front of the gray pickup (license number BDE 6437, a gray Dodge (Ram) pickup truck and the unmarked police car being a black Dodge Charger, of which I wasn’t able to get any license info), both of which we stalking the area of the pizza parlor I first had visited, potentially looking to buy lunch.

My certainty of this being a private security contractor employee was the fact that when he sped up, he knew enough about me to know that I’ve been compiling vehicle data to keep track of who is or at the very least, may be spying on me. Traffic surveillance cameras in front and behind the area noted (the 3000 block of S. Division) can clearly see this incident as it unfolded and its aftermath, corroborates what transpired. My own Congressperson, Justin Amash, has been informed of the fact that illegal, warrantless spying is a serious problem overall, but particularly, in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan areas. Forcing local and federal police agencies to disclose the extent of these operation, their interactions and information sharing status, as well as whether and what types of operations private security contractors in the area are engaged, including targeted individuals, operation details, homes being entered, whether or not drugs are being used in the process, etc., as a means of determining if these are lawful, valid and legitimate national security-related operations.

The fact that I’m homeless, as a result of being harassed, lied on and friends and acquaintances being intimidated and coerced into silence, makes it impossible that I’m engaged in anything more than attempting to fight through this campaign of terror that has turned my life upside down, for no other reason than being outspoken about the truth of the nation that has been hijacked away from its original values, ideals and virtues our society, founded on the core endeavors of the rule of law, justice and equality among all of the nation’s citizens.

I don’t have a right to be arbitrarily monitored, spied on or convicted of an as yet to be announced notorious, suspected or even assumed crime. That is not the justice our legal system is built upon and if this is the case, if I am suspected of an as yet, unidentified crime, the courts should be informed of this and in turn, demand to know why – after FIVE year (or possibly longer), there is as of yet, no charges pending, itemized or listed – justifying a scrutiny which includes breaking into the homes, property and belongings of not only myself, but that of friends, family members, places I frequent, as well as all of these places being rigged with devices and mechanisms which disperse toxic substances within the areas I personally occupy!!!   This is an outrageous insult to an American – particularly an American of COLOR – who is of a group historically targeted for infractions as minor as daring to be defiant enough to speak the HONEST, UNEQUIVOCAL and INDISPUTABLE TRUTH of the horrific place our nation has been taken – against the will of the citizen majority – and to TURN THAT SAME CITIZENRY against itself, in order to exploit confusion, fear and ignorance over what the whole of that same citizenry is yet to be fully cognizant of!

Meanwhile, if I’ve been harassed, exposed in any way to dangers or jeopardy, that too is an issue for the courts and I welcome any and all investigations. And the sooner the better…

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As I try to make sense of being illegally surveilled, I wonder what could possibly be so interesting about me that aerial drones  would 1026151615-01 (2) - Great Shot Of Drone During Illegal Surveillance Op...buzz around over head daily – this one just over the last several days, on October 26th at precisely 4:15 pm, as I walked from my storage facility at 1204 28th St, on the Southeast side of Grand Rapids.  1026151615-00-1 (2) - ... While Circling Overhead As If I've Done Something I Deserve Being Surveilled For... This is a constant reminder of the out-of-control, illegal surveillance initiative of paranoid psychopathy that has taken over the nations law enforcement and security interests.

Not limited to just drones, just yesterday, while staying at Knights Inn, at 3524 28th St SE, just before 10 am, a Kentwood Police SUV, while circling the building, came to a stop right under my window!  I’ve always assumed that I am carrying some sort of tracking devices, but for the vehicle to stop just underneath my second floor window is stunningly typical of the loss of privacy, freedom and RIGHT to be left alone – especially considering I have never – EVER committed a crime that would put me under THIS level of suspicion!

The police visiting upon my presence has been a non-stop predicament these last five years – that I can estimate.  As I’ve written before, I cannot step onto the street, 1025151132-00 (2) - Including GRPD Having Profiled NOW Illegally Surveilling Me As I Simply WALK Down The Street (28th 2wards Mjr)... (as here, where I am just seconds off the grounds of my storage rental space) get on or off buses, go to (and from) stores, to and from hotels 1005151107-00 (2)CirclingKnightsInnOverAndOver... 1005151150-00 (2)...WhileEveryCornerOfKnightsInnIsStakedOutByFullSquadOnSurveillance... (these two pictures are from October 5 of this year, with the top photo of a police cruiser parked just outside my window and the second, another cruiser posted on the opposite side of the building, stalking – surveilling… for however it may be reasoned…), the library (which is just next door to the Kentwood police station – a reality I’m confronted with, each time I’ve visited the library and am treated to the appearance of a police cruiser each and every time), the homes of those who have the courage to put me up for the night, in search of (in person/on line) the scant employment I’ve been able to secure these last five years, without the oppressive presence of law enforcement – being mindful still, that I have NO CRIMINAL RECORDPERIOD!!! (The dot in the center/upper portion of picture – a high-flying drone)  0723150737-00 (2) - Constant Drone Activity Illegally Surveilling Me EVERYWHERE I Go0610160947-00 (2)  -  CaldrCitySSVAnd the job of the police is to find and prosecute real and actual criminals – not those of which their paranoid, profiled suspicions tell them they must pursue to prevent an as yet undetermined, uncommitted, unrealized and/or suspected crime!

I’m sorry, but if conducted by assumption, the world would be completely devoid of any crime whatever, and there would never have been an economic meltdown in 2008, as all the guilty bankers, investors and/or their firms, would have been apprehended well before they were able to crash the whole of the global economy!!!1014151418-00 (2) - NoMoreThn20MinsPriorWasStlkngKWLibraryBusStp

As a non-White American, this is particularly insidious, as we’ve already been down this path well before now.  My home, being invaded.  My food being defiled with drugs and other toxins.  My friends and acquaintances, all being intimidated by police and law enforcement insinuations (or more specifically – interrogations) that I’m somehow, a suspect in some undetermined, uncommitted, completely unknown crime of an unspecified category, of which the accusation alone is enough to condemn me the eternal deprivation of my legal rights to conduct life in my otherwise free and unimpeded manner as any other law-abiding, crime-free American – White – Black or otherwise!

I’m already guilty in other words.  And the sentence pronouncement?  That I’m ILLEGALLY BEING DEPRIVED TO MY RIGHTS TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND MY OWN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!!  I this even legal?  Can I realistically challenge the threats, lies of those in law enforcement, on their periphery or even those being paid to lie about non-existent criminality – in the midst of obstructing my liberties and freedoms – in order to PROVE that I CAN BE guilty of WHATEVER crimes they’re trying to channel, funnel or otherwise – force me into being guilty of!!!

These pictures prove nothing, other than my – so far – baseless assertions, of being suveilled, harassed, and/or deprived – illegally – of my legal, Constitutional rights… as in the commission of an otherwise normal and mundane American life…  The same as any other citizen is otherwise allowed to enjoy.  Being impoverished – intentionally/purposefully – how does one arrive at the evidence conclusive enough to confirm and therefore, vindicate me, from the inquisitionarial pronouncement I have been convicted of?  Shall we burst the bubble or allow more Americans to be trapped within its confines?  Should we collectively opt to burst the bubble, this will the sound heard round the world, which will – once and for all – free tens of millions of Americans – mostly males of color and/or conviction of conscience – from the prisons of false accusation, baseless incarceration, as well as the poisonous veil of social and class suspicions, which have and continue to damn entire swaths of the American racial, cultural, class and gender demographics, to the purgatory of being a non-person in their own land… in spite of having committed no crime what so ever…0621160935-00 - -ANDTHIS!

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One would think after this many years of having an individual – myself for instance – under surveillance, there would be a hint of justification to bring to a federal judge, mentioning that, after all this time, here’s an allusion at least, of what we have so far… But let’s backtrack a bit… On the morning of August 8 of this year – starting at about 7:05 am, going on, from 32nd street and Schaffer Rd (in South East Grand Rapids, at the G.R./Kentword city border), aerial drones and a host of automobiles stalked me from one end of town to the other, unbeknownst to me, thinking that the planes which seemed to be following me were a fluke – just coincidence, with the area I was traveling, being so close in proximity to the (Gerald R. Ford) airport, that, well, it was of no consequence. The skies of this part of town usually are not without planes flying at least a dozen times or more per day. So as I traveled from work (just getting off from third shift), to the (Woodland) mall, to breakfast, then later (about 9:45 – 10:00 am), to the (Kentwood Public) Library, it was noticeable. Then, by the time I was leaving the library, it struck me that this plane had been circling overhead the whole time; from the time I left work to the mall, getting onto, than off of buses, to the library then leaving! And for what reason?

That’s when it struck me – that not only was I being stalked by air drones, but by all manner of automobiles! And while this has been going on for some years, I could somehow not ignore that this silliness had not yet subsided – now five years from the time I noticed that this foolishness had begun! Thinking that this is limited to just aerial drone and auto privacy violations is as equally foolish as thinking chirping, screeching birds and insects following me around in the dead of night is impossible. But there is no expense spared in this regard. At the library, the store, work of course and everywhere in between, is the length to which illegal, warrantless, pointless, INSANE and obviously useless spying is! Because in all these years, there has been nothing to justify the entire endeavor spying on me, just as there is no point for those engaged in it, that they should continue lying that they are not doing it for… reasons of… well, we’re still waiting for any such reasoning – if it can be considered or qualified as being a reasonably pursued law enforcement endeavor.

Is it the FBI? Is it local, county or state police? Without a doubt it is security contractor’s who operate with impunity far outside the realm of oversight.  With no accountability standards beyond those enumerated within the U.S. Constitution and/or Bill of Rights, who do, would or can they be answerable to?  And yet the fact remains that someone is stalking me, with a vindictive demeanor, as if having been wronged, defamed or disrespected in some sort of way.  My past blogs have had that sort of reaction on the childish, intellectually limited conservative minded reader, I must admit…

Why else would I have sudden problems at school, on the job, with the law and suffering general difficulties acquiring an avenue of accessing my Constitutionally GUARANTEED rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – as enjoyed by my Caucasian peers that I’ve shared classes with, housing, employment and life, generally? How and why could this have arisen at this point in my life, as no other time, immediately after entering into the Public Square of intense ideological, political and Civic, Cultural debate – via this particular blog?

Equally, and of greater consideration, how could I have become a target of local police attention, in the course of having committed no crimes EVER in life? This is no joke! Nor is this an exaggeration!  Something unexplainable has gone awry in my life that has caused the college (Grand Rapids Community College) I graduated at the top of my class (es – having graduated with Associates Degrees in both Business Administration AND Liberal Arts), to see fit to ban me from every area of their campus, while instilling the fear of God in its employees prohibiting them from discussing why!  …Even as I see them looking nervously about when I approach, as if they too are being watched…

Who has such power(s)? As an example of how far-reaching and menacing is the threat from secret, covert targeting of unsuspecting, innocent and completely law-abiding citizens has become, a supervisor on a very low-end, inconsequential job, while training a new employee, does so in a completely, hostile and contradictory fashion, attacks the trainee for carrying out procedures as trained to do and subsequently ordered to carry out, could be looked on as simple envy. But a series of confrontations which ensue, resulting in the trainee being eventually dismissed is an altogether more serious matter.

At an online sales company, a Customer Service agent excelling at their job at the outset, suddenly finds themself locked out of the call ‘que’ (the computerized phone system at a call center which distributes incoming calls to all call center operators, on the basis of first-in-line availability) and unable to keep up the prior 60 days sales totals that put them at the very top of all agents, because calls from earlier that very same shift were suddenly being routed, or recycled back through the que – around his que position, eventually resulting in their being handed off to those very same calls again – with the consequence being another dismissal, from yet another job…

A grocery clerk, doing his job, is suddenly set upon by unknown assailants and at a loss as how to respond to unknown assailants’ spraying a hazardous substance at/near/on him, begins video-taping himself at work, in the hopes of catching these individuals in the act. Once enough evidence is gathered, informs his superiors at his place of employment, as well as local (Grand Rapids) Police who immediately question the state of mind of the victim! Instead of even taking the time to look at the gathered store surveillance taped evidence and the private video records of the person assaulted by these mysterious individuals doing the spraying (of the hazardous chemicals), the Grand Rapids Police instead go to his place of residence, asking the landlord (of whom the victim had only just met when the rental agreement was signed!), inferring the victim may be of questionable mental capacity – never mind that the complaint of being assaulted was never investigated in any way, shape or form!

And so, lost was the opportunity to discover just who these individuals were – through motor vehicle records, facial recognition software (extensively used by law enforcement), military or police records, or even possibly having ties to the very police themselves –  now charged with doing an unbiased investigation, leaving the victim stranded and at the mercy of lawless and secret criminals. And for what purpose? How can an individual be covertly, secretly set upon in such ways that the police themselves appear to be in league with them?  How can such things happen – in America, no less?  If our past can be considered as prelude, we then have our answer…

Profiling, Poverty And The Take-down Of Activists Of Conscience

Later, when the clerk advised he had been stalked by shoppers around the store, after evading them initially and one (shopper) making a direct attempt to enter the clerks personal space while his back was turned, the clerk was again dismissed. Even after several more successive incidents and another police report filing, the clerk was eventually dismissed from his job! In this, the age of terror, continual, 24-hour surveillance and endless profiling of anyone fitting the description of suspicious, not one reported incident was ever investigate.  Or were they?  Did the police have all the evidence needed after all?  And did they know, at a professional and/or personal level, the identities of the perpetrators?

On his next job, another set of similar incidents would unfold, this time involving a co-worker – a Jonathan Meyers – who had just recently moved back to the Grand Rapids area, from Chicago. Both Jonathan and the clerk featured here, were both hired the very same day. As their work history unfolded, conflict arose between the two, with Jonathan assuming his racial entitlement posture, and proceeded to establish the pattern of telling the older, far more experienced and vastly more educated non-white co-worker, how to do the very simple, self-descriptive and mundane chores of being a grocery clerk! And as insulting as it was to have to lower himself to accept such a position, at the very barest of minimal pay and stature, it was all that was available at the time, for an educated, experienced (in this field as well), non-white American male.

Patiently, the non-white clerk would ignore Jonathan from the outset, only to soon realize these acts were purposefully antagonistic provocations. Jonathan was then told (by his non-white co-worker) that his intent was fully understood, that he was in fact, doing this at the behest of someone paying him to instigate conflict. But even with this revelation, nothing would deter Jonathan from continuing his hostile endeavor. It soon spilled out from the privacy between these two individuals, into the workplace, where their supervisor had no choice but to eventually intervene.

Being white, Jonathan of course, played the role of the frightened victim, fearful of the black rage that – according to his assumed suspicions, could explode upon him at any moment! The featured clerk (Jonathan’s non-white co-worker) tried to reassure his superiors that committing any workplace violence against Jonathan – or anyone else for that matter – was the furthest thing from his mind and in fact, was open to taking opposite days and hours from this obviously troubled, insecure little white man, if it meant keeping the peace.

Because of scheduling constraints, the two could not avoid eventually working together however and as the conflict continued, the non-white clerk was of course made the scapegoat and let go as a result, under the pretext that the post-Fourth of July holiday business reductions, was the reason for being dismissed. The hardship of being the voice of conscience once again would strike out yet again, thrusting yet another non-white male into further poverty and the suspicion of being suspect… of – name the crime – the nigger has got to be guilty!

Next: The Myth of the Black Super Villain and how warrantless, illegal and criminal surveillance is justified through racial profiling…


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Liberty’s Legacy

On the night of August 17, 2015, while walking, minding my own business, I found myself again surrounded by insect drones. Why they would be directed at me is the greater mystery, but my past blogs have detailed past incidents of which I’ve had to deal with being surveilled by they, as well as aerial drones, private security contractors, even local, county, state and more than likely, federal police agencies. The reason? I would be inclined to assume that it’s because of the subject matter of the majority of previous – and undoubtedly future blogs – but also the indisputable racist elements which have historically been pervasively common to the above mentioned law enforcement agencies. But I stray…CPT_0851 (2) - SSVStlkngBusStp1212151314-00 (2) - SSVStlkgMeijerLot

Walking along, I could hear these drones in the distance, then coming closer until they were in the shrubbery and trees flanking me, both left and right. The followed me, without question – and again – as mentioned previously, these are totally alien insect sounds than I’ve ever before heard, prior to the last two years with their appearance in the west Michigan area. And as I walked and with their following along, I decided to double back and reverse direction, to force them to follow in the opposite direction! They did just that and while not following immediately, they would follow me to a gas station, where another common appearance – a private security contractor would soon immediately appear (in a red late model Monte Carlo (license plate ID CMF8668) – which can be seen from surveillance video, pulling up as soon as I walked into the gas station (at the intersection where Schaffer street ends at 28th street).

Upon leaving the gas station, the insect drones would again begin tailing me, at which point, a block later, at 29th street and Schaffer – I was fed up with this childish display of pretending I didn’t notice I was being spied on, speaking to the drone operator – telling him he/they were psychopaths, for spending our tax dollars in such sick and deranged fashion and they should be ashamed collecting a check for spying on American citizens minding their own personal business… This must have stunned the operator(s), as the drones remained stationary for a few moments, as I walked about another block and a half, before they resumed the chase. This sad, sick event is how not only people of color, outspoken Democracy and Civil Society advocates, but also justice, law and order, as well as proponents of Constitutional rights of every type, spend their time – knowingly or not – being stalked by enemies of our Democracy and Constitutional system of governance. It doesn’t matter whether you believe these facts or not – this is the reality of American – post 9/11.0901162010-00-2-jstb4thsdroneandssvengagelnmoreillegalsurveillance

The Legacy Of Tyranny And A Society Demoralized

Regrettably, Americans have failed to appreciate the distance we have, as a nation, fallen in just the last 15 years.  Whereas in the 1990’s, we harnessed education, technology, economics and other essential elements of Civil Society, for the greater good of humanity, we now employ those same endeavors simply for spying, invading the personal privacy of individuals and criminalizing individual dissent, in both thought and speech.  Even now, on a broad scale, people have absolutely no idea what an insect drone are or that such even exists (see here – http://www.snopes.com/photos/technology/insectdrone.asp & here – http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/14/tech/mci-drone-robohawk-robofly/ &  here – http://www.rt.com/news/us-drones-swarms-274/)!  What they are used for is nothing short of monstrous.  Injections of poisons, infections and micro-machines; coming into peoples homes spying on their private, intimate business; tracking individuals – who aren’t criminals – for no apparent reason – but are unable to find real criminals nor prevent real crimes!  All of this, as an outgrowth of the frenzy of anti-terror initiatives, we had no such worries 16 years ago, as our government then, was of such a mature, expert and professional capacity that they knew it was not our business to have to worry over such things and did such a fine job keeping track of such threats – both domestic and foreign – that they didn’t need to bother and worry the public each time an event popped up on their radar.  Now such incidents are used to cause hysteria, in order to justify even greater violations of our liberties and freedoms, as in cases of suppressing the type of public, LEGAL dissent voiced on THESE PAGES!

Why else would I be hounded by law enforcement and private security contractors?  And as hard as it is to track an insect drone, aerial drones are a much easier creature to track. For instance, over this week alone, on Sunday, August 16, a drone modeled after a jet liner flew directly over my Church, in the Boston Square area of Kalamazoo Avenue and Boston streets. I’ve come to pay special attention to the skies as just these last several months have seen an uptick in drone activities, both day and night.

Monday, August 17, before and after (about) 8:24 am, a drone flew continually over the area of Godfrey Avenue and Chicago Drive. Just as I was leaving to catch the bus, conveniently. But don’t consider this something isolated or random, as radar traffic logged by the Gerald Ford (formerly Kent County) Airport, will prove. Again, on Saturday, August 15, at around 1:34, as I awaited the Number 6 (Cherry Street/Woodland Mall) bus, coming back again at 1:38 pm, just as the bus arrived, a drone continuously flew directly over the area of Breton Avenue and Elliot Street – the very bus stop I was occupied alone. As if that wasn’t enough, while visiting a friend from my Church, in the Worden/Kalamazoo Avenue area, the same drone again did continuous flyovers – directly overhead – at 3:03 pm and again, rounding back at 3:06 pm! Locating the owner of these drones will uncover their need to keep me under surveillance and subsequently, who it is that not only is pathologically obsessed with my movements, but what they’re doing with the information and why they feel the need to expose me to the various drugs I’ve been subjected to over the course of the course of years I’ve been kept ILLEGALLY under surveillance.

The legacy of the tyranny, which has its historical roots in the anti-Civil Rights crime-wave, the jim crow era, slavery and the period leading up to the American Revolution, is no different now, as the Bush-era tax cuts has given select individuals exclusive privileges to illegally intimidate, harass, pay off police and private contracting agencies, to suppress and impede the freedoms and liberties of countless Americans, with thoughtless impunity. Meanwhile, our cowardly, gutless, bitch-hearted elected officials stand back watching these horrors without so much as a courageous bone in their bodies to so much as investigate – which is their SWORN OFFICIAL DUTY as elected representatives – to find out why police agencies and private security contractors are likewise, harassing and intimidating law-abiding citizens for NO REASON than the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN or the fact that they’re outspoken advocates of an expanded, non—discerning and indiscriminate Democracy!1217151426-01 - StalkedByGRCCPD4-What (2)

But it doesn’t stop there! Women, the poor, working class Americans of every race and culture, are subjected to the same, without even so much as a breath of concern by our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES at the local, state and/or national levels. This, by no means, is the Democracy our ancestors fought and died for – to watch this current generation watch in cowardly grovelings, as the rich buy our peoples government – locking out the vast citizens majority!!! What an insult! What disrespect for the sacrifice given, all so it could be given back to tyrants – without even so much as a half-hearted attempt at resistance…

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