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In commemoration of my fifth year of publication, I’ll be republishing all of my blogs from the very beginning.  It should be noted that I tried this earlier and due to the illegal, warrantless and CRIMINAL surveillance I’m under, my newest blog was ERASED in mid-production.  Each time I’m on a computer, no matter where I am, I’m interrupted in this very same way.  Whomever is spying on me is terrified of me because I’m boldly stating what the compromised, bought-out, corporate media is both afraid to say and paid to leave unsaid and thus, are doing their utmost to harass, intimidate and make life as uncomfortable as possible.  The only way this will end is by every reader contacting their Congress person to force the government, state and local police agencies, as well as illegal military contractors operating right on the streets of our cities and towns, nation-wide.  By putting an END to this secretive, un-Godly terror, can we reclaim our Democracy BACK FROM EXILE

Original Publication Date – April 24, 2010

For some reason, Conservatives and Libertarians think this crisis and chaos began January 20, 2009. Apparently, they slept through the previous eight years. For that, they can be forgiven. However, the unforgivable sins continue to mount – namely, blaming President Obama, President Clinton, or any other soft, easy target, that will take attention off the facts… that since 1981, Americans wages, job options, educational opportunities and quality of living, all have been in decline.

We won’t need to debate the reality of this, as it will be an exercise in futility; but as Big Eddie Schultz would say, “…you’re entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts…” Which brings us to the reality that for eight consecutive years (well, maybe six; years seven & eight, the “sleepers” began to stir, as the house was going up in flames!), Conservative and Libertarian voters swore that the administration was on track and that we were just around the corner from prosperity. Really? Well, by ’08, we hit the corner. Then the ditch. Then over the cliff. But it wasn’t just the tax cuts, that again, for eight consecutive years, drained money from the treasury, nearly bankrupting the nation in the process.

If you look at the government as if a business, you have to concede that a business requires revenue. Without revenue, your business will fail. With me still? Good. If you offer a service people need, like say, medicare, paved roads, bridges, a space program to observe and contemplate the universe, an oversight agency to protect your pension and 401K, or an army, navy, marines and air force to protect the nation and its allies, then its up to the consumers of those goods and services to pay the necessary fees. Are we all following this so far? Good… Now, if for some reason, a decision is made to discount services, or give ‘em away for free, to, say, some of the “deciders” favorite friends, but jack up the rates for everyone else, that doesn’t seem very fair, now does it? And lets just speculate also, that due to unforeseen economic circumstances, some of the “rest” started losing jobs and were unable to afford the cost of those goods and services. And just as the business began to fail, friends of the “decider” began to steal cash out of the til. Lots and LOTS of cash! This was, in fact, the situation between 2001 and 2008. And it’s not hard to guess, but the business won’t be in business for very much longer. This is the fix we’re now in. This is the mess the current president has inherited. This is the crisis that must be undone before we can see any sort of result from the effort of putting criminals, crazies and good-for-nothings in a place where they can do no further harm to the “business.” But that won’t happen by taking the word of the same malcontents and criminal element, that were responsible for this disaster in the first place!

Now, everybody’s all up in arms on the Conservative and Libertarian side, because the banks got bailed out and blame the current administration for the bail. But, if that’s the case, why is this administration having to reset regulations, so that the criminal activity that was chronic over the previous eight years, will be, well, criminal again? And granted, some of these same regulations came off the books during the Clinton years, there was no criminalizing going on in the banking and investment systems over that same period (of the Clinton administration), to the degree it had, during the period of 2001-2008. There weren’t the job losses. The business failures. The wars. Ah yes, the wars…

Funny thing that transparency, being a normal part of business accounting practices, were as absent in the federal government between 2001 to 2008, as it was with Enron, Arthur Andersen, WorldCom, and a host of other firms, that used the “Enron” accounting methods, to “cook” their books and show only the sunny side of the ledger, concealing the “real” economic status, thereby swindling investors and customers out of millions, billions of dollars in investments. By failing to add the war to the cost of doing “business”, the previous administration also only showed the “sunny” side of the ledger (By the way, if this is too difficult to follow, you may want to pick up your GED before you go any further, with an economics class for good measure). Well, by the time the current administration was sworn in, they had no idea. And so here we are…

These are just a few of the uglier truths we are having to confront. If we do not, we may not get another opportunity. By listening to the advice of members of the Republican Governors Conference, in trying to romanticize about some obscure historical nobody (Guy Fawkes), who is likened in imagery and in the same company as civil war confederates.  But is more akin to our own Liberal/Progressive Rebels who fought their way through to a new nation – complete with a new Liberal/Progressive Constitution, Bill of Rights and a primer (The Federalist Papers) to ensure every citizen understood every passage of the Constitution and subsequent Amendments.  Telling this truth however, is sure to create more problems for Republicans who misunderstand enough already about our Liberal/Progressive history.  Owning greater understanding will inevitably force deeper reflection and in turn, slow down our momentum toward progress… Unless that’s the plan in rejecting realities and the obvious… Those ugly truths… just don’t quit do they?

But, the really big deal, it must be acknowledged, is the complexion of the current commander-in-chief. All of the stereotypes have been resurrected, full force, to make the case that the country is falling apart, because he occupies THE nation’s top leadership post. Good of you to notice. We Liberals and Progressives saw the signs seven years ago, made a big deal over it, but nobody paid attention. Oh yeah, you guys were sleeping (sorry, but I keep forgetting how folks suffering deep-seated pathologies – like racism, social dysfunctions, tendencies toward violent outbursts and behaviors, often detach from reality…)! Meanwhile, as Conservatives and Libertarians recovered from their long slumber, they awoke to a completely different reality. Only this time, this president is intelligent enough to walk, chew gum and holds a coherent conversation, and we’re all good with that, right? Can’t say that was the case the previous eight years; but whoever gets everything they want anyway?…

And as good a deal as it is for you guys on the other side to be fully awake now, it would be an even better deal if you’d roll up your sleeves, add some sweat and toil along with us Liberals and Progressives, and help rebuild a nation and world that YOUR VOTES are responsible for destroying! Democracy works best when every citizen is engaged… towards its betterment. And for better or worse, nobody stood in the way of the choice of Conservatives and Libertarians from 2001 through 2006… although we damn well should have…

Not to point fingers, but there comes a time to be responsible for your actions. If you bought it, claim it and be responsible for it! We plan to do just that, so get out of the way, at the very least, and let this president do his job… the way it’s SUPPOSE to be done!

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