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Originally Published:  September 10, 2010

Legitimacy Measures – Part One

In the endless search for reasons – any and all – to show the highest degree disrespect any American president has ever endured, the one thing we can be assured of is the vile, disgusting, ignorant stupidity of racism has not regressed at all!

If White people do NOT denounce race-based, hate-inspired attacks on President Barack Obama – and more directly, repudiate the attackers openly, then they too, share in the shame and disgrace that stains the whole of the White race, for not collectively maturing and erasing such behaviors and beliefs from their broad psyche and literal belief foundations.

Because of the converse reality that, although over 90% registered Black voters rejected the candidacy of George W. Bush, an awesome and extremely accurate observational measurement by any calculation – saw none of the belittling, disrespectful, petty or racist attacks, associating his personal, business or executive failures, his legacy entitlements, allowing someone with his inept academic history, to be accepted at such a revered institution as Yale, because of family traditions, cowardice in securing an unprovisional waiver from Vietnam, where his 2000 election year presidential opponent, Al Gore, and tens of thousands of other young men fought, bled and died in his place, from years in a drug-addled stupor, or his astounding obtusion, at his absolute inability to grasp the extent he was being manipulated and used, in the destruction of lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of Americans and their families, all for the enrichment of the handful of White individuals, share holders and their corporations.
As an American of diverse background, I have had the pleasure and distress of experiencing the race issue from a multitude of angles, allowing me a very distinct perspective, unlike many ordinary Americans – White or Black, meaning that what is contained herein, is a measure of truth Americans are still traumatized over, and unable, at this late date in this American drama, to deal with on a mature level. Meaning, that the Whites who refuse to defend the president, as well as the Blacks too afraid to speak up – knowing such ignorance should be vehemently rejected at every opportunity.

Fear of speaking out has cost this nation dearly, now going on three centuries. Knowing slavery was wrong, sexism, racism and child oppression, exploitation and brutality of the working class child and adult, to the point of being dangerous to their safety and economic mobility, all were immoralities that, in common, rational agreement, and as a nation have, over time, corrected these evil afflictions. But we have not departed from this road altogether.  Truth was in economic, as well as a patriarchal inconvenience, of which its speakers – then as now – tip-toe around, for fear of offending the guilty!

Every member of the above-mentioned class, has been severely injured – intentionally, since 1980. The right to engage in free speech and dialogue is a given, just as we have the right to arm ourselves – with knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, against stupidity, ignorance and induced lunacy. The failure to responsibly defend ourselves and our nation from such forces, is a failure of human culture and contradicts the suppositions and claims of our achieving the highest levels of sophistication and intelligence, reflective of this contemporary human civilization model. Embracing rational dialogue and people gives legitimacy to our civilization. We need to stand with the president and those choosing to raise the intelligence level of each other and shame those with rejection and isolation, those who insist on behaving with the minds of childish, immature brats!
It is, after all, the child who is selfish, rude, unable to share or to give selflessly. Only upon maturity, do children realize cooperative efforts with others is the surest route to comprehensive, broad-based success for as many as are involved – and beyond! Nor for the child alone, or exclusively, either. But for the entirety of the community. This is the lesson shared commitment. Shared sacrifice. This is the lesson of America and the fundamental essence of Democracy. But this was the failure of our nation and its citizens, over this previous 10 years, as we allowed fear, confusion and intellectual oblivion, to rule our very critical and essential civic considerations.

Breaking down along the fault zones of racism, some Americans sought refuge in the fact that a Caucasian president exploited feel-good policies, for the advancement of class fortifications and enrichment, exclusively. With star-spangled, wild-eyed, fanatically patriotic zeal, these same Americans, unaware of their own history, discounted one such true patriot, Samuel Johnson, who was famously quoted on the eve of the Revolution, in April of 1775, to “…beware! Patriotism, being the last refuge of scoundrels, is a false and hollow sanctuary, used to conceal the treacherous heart of deceit…“ And while the wealthiest one percent of the American population got even wealthier, the bottom 97% are on a rocket-ride to an economic crash of cataclysmic proportion!

The racist nature of the attacks on President Obama, relate to the fiction that this is all his doing, fault and responsibility. Never mind that as of November, 2008, our choice was also another United States Senator, by the name of John McCain…


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