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Original Publication Date:  June 20, 2010

Now that crazies rule the business, political, even the media world, it’s no wonder the future looks so bleak! The sad truth is, however, this: when Republicans are in office, they’re all over the place in the media. When Democrats are in the White House, Republicans are STILL all over the place in the media! Translation being, we’re subjected to an inordinate degree of indoctrination – hypnosis, if you will, into thinking like Conservative Republicans and it has made us all nuts!!!

Case in point: where President Barack Obama “seems” to be ineffective, is merely a result of our “perceptions” of what we’ve been exposed to, by force, over the last 17 consecutive months – that he’s no good and a “bad” president, by predominant media accounts. Truth is, nobody – NOT ANYONE, can be as bad as the moronic administration they (Conservative Republicans) served up to the American people, this last previous term, which is why they are putting all their resources to bear on making President Obama “appear” as bad, as inept, as incompetent, as the products they normally serve up for the executive.

The Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe was 30 years in the making. If we had listened to President James Carter 31 years ago, returning him to the White House in re-election, consequently, we would be nearly, if not completely, free of the need to “burn” such a valuable mineral resource as petroleum, and thus, severely injuring the earth and its life sustaining capacity, in the process. As a result, Ronald Reagan began the process, with assistance from the last administration, in completing the process, of destroying the functionalability of government, so that of course, it doesn’t and cannot work as it should.

The last things we needed, were forced upon us, by the previous administration and indoctrinated into our value system as a result, by the media, over the course of this past 9 years: tax cuts only to the wealthy and corporations, burning more fossil fuels faster and war.
The first thing on the last administrations’ agenda was to halt the Clean Air Initiative, proposed in California (that would eventually have set the standard nationally), to re-classify SUV’s as small pickups trucks, as well as removing the pollution-hazard designation from SUV’s altogether. The result has been a dramatic increase in CO2 levels and an equally startling increase in Climate Degradation.

As for tax cuts, President William Jefferson Clinton showed us AND Republican Conservatives, that tax cuts to the broad spectrum of income earners, along with R&D and various other tax offsets and incentives, was the best way to revive an economy mugged and assaulted by Republican policies and ideology. Leaving a fiscal surplus at the time he left office, and a functional, whole economy in the process, was the most responsible thing any president has done the entire 20th century! Not to mention the fact that we didn’t engage in warfare, unnecessarily costing the lives of Americans and foreign citizens alike, world-wide.

But this wasn’t good enough for the American people, as we engaged in juvenille, peeping-tom shinanagans, prying into the personal life of the president and allowing such crude, psycho fetishes to be paraded all across – you guessed it – the predominate, corporate media. Made issue of in the 2000 election, we had become a sanctimonious bunch, demanding pristine morality from anyone else to enter the White House… and we let Republican voters decide this… and we see how that has gone over…

It’s a given that we didn’t have to go to war, either in Afghanistan nor Iraq. As it is too late to backtrack and correct the situation, we are now under the hypnotic, self-delusive misapprehension that the war, the economy and the oil spill are all the fault of President Obama! I will ask the reader to honestly re-read this article, up to this point, in reconsideration of this entire paragraph, to get a sense of the madness that has gripped the psyche of a fairly large proportion of the nations adult population. As the media has done everything possible to cloud issues relating to healing the nations wounds, inflicted by un-American, economically dangerous, possibly treasonous policies, by the previous administration, where do we go from here?…

Up next: Part II – What Americans can do – of all political parties, in “instructing” our representatives on where we WILL lead them…

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Original Publication Date:  May 16, 2010

If we trust no one and nothing else, we absolutely MUST trust our instincts. We are not wrong on this, the issue of Climate Degradation, otherwise, why are corporations and their paid spokes-legions persistently trying to convince the more rational amongst us, that the phenomena of Climate Change is not what we actually are witnessing before our bewildered and disbelieving eyes?

How, after all, can we not be alarmed that roughly 15 of the 17 largest fishing regions identified world-wide, are in imminent danger of complete collapse? Or the fact that in the very center of the largest body of waters on earth (the Pacific ocean) – of all places on the planet – that acidification has not only reached this furthest most oceanic region, but is in fact rising? Never mind what this does, all the way down to microscopic life forms at the bottom of the food chain; what is of concern here is the deteriorating ability of the oceans, to continue the natural process of absorbing airborne CO2. Upon reaching this “limit,” imagine the cycles that will irreversibly be set into motion…

Likewise, no one appears very concerned (beyond citizens of a specified locale) that aquifers around the continental United States are dwindling so quickly, they WON’T replenish fast enough to meet demand, that increases yearly. In our attitude of seeing only endlessness of resources and negligible environmental impact, we are failing to see beyond the horizon, the world we are leaving to our progeny.

I’m reminded of a quote from the textbook of a recent Environmental Sustainability class I attended, which (to paraphrase) said, “…the worst invention of humankind was the interest rate; this has led to payback periods; discount rates; rational, quantitative excuses for ignoring the long term…” Simply put, our ability to absorb and comprehend is now limited to the next paycheck or election, which leaves us ignorantly unaware of the longer term, or how, when the U.S. simultaneously changed (downgraded) mile-per-gallon requirements on passenger cars/trucks/SUV’s, while blocking a recently (2001) implemented California law, mandating a solid percentage of new vehicles sold there MUST possess non-fossil fuel burning capacity. Just by guesstamation, the assumption would point toward a precipitous increase in CO2 levels, accelerating Climate Degradation.

So, are we not at all conscious, or are we simply sleep walking through this fast-expanding catastrophe? I say this to make a point, that there are more of us than there are of them (the nay-sayers and deniers), and Democracy still matters, by virtue of the cumulative effect of the voting process.

The will of the majority however, must be specifically articulated, to a degree of unequivocation. Particularly, in the instance of a crisis that is allowed to drag out, getting worse as time goes. This current situation with the explosion and fire that claimed 12 workers on the Deep Water Horizon oil rig, in the Gulf of Mexico is the dreaded example we’ve always feared. British Petroleum (BP), like other petroleum producers, operates with absolute disregard for customers, it’s employees and even nature itself. As time has gone by, we now know that with the installation of a $500,000 switching device was all that would have prevented the explosion and resulting oil spill that inevitably is going to defile the natural habitat and destroy the economy of an entire region, still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. What would it have taken to put mind and energy to action, for aversion of this catastrophe? The addiction we have to cheap energy, cheap oil in particular, is something we must break ourselves from, but oil money continues being the impediment to our becoming what was the goal of President Jimmy Carter, exactly 30 years ago.

Since then, we have completely abandoned his recommendations for national, even international energy independence, from petroleum. Well aware of the horrible after-effects caused by ALL fossil fuel use, it should be clear. President Carter, although a bit too cerebral and serious for the intellectually challenged, was no less a visionary in predicting that conflict, war and suffering would be the result of continues petroleum use, or failure to diversify our energy options. Events of the last decade have more than proven this point beyond the shadow of any such doubt.
Because of the duel wars our nation is currently waging, being a people given to fairness and justice, we are very apprehensive over the continuation of these wars, but are unable to extract ourselves, because of the “nature” of our objectives. Both nations are mineral rich and present strategic opportunities for our diplomatic and military goals. There is also the little problem of a disaffected population, who will be just a bit infuriated over being occupied for 10 years or longer.

But what is best way to proceed, in spite of these events?

Since we no longer enjoy the benefit of a national economic surplus, we can’t offer aid to these nations as bargaining chips, to consider a comprehensive constitutional Democratic governmental model, such as ours here in the United States. This was part of the effort of the Clinton administration, for its entirety, to get developing nations to engage with the larger world community, for their social, economic and environmental advantage. Imagine the continued outreach, as was extended to Africa, Central and South America, Asia and the Pacific nations, who showed an intense desire to emulate our better qualities?

Beyond government and economics, there is the matter of education, which is now in crisis not only in America, but in nations throughout the world, due to dire economic dilemmas. What could we gain, as a nation and a civilization, if we were to identify and nurture the minds and imaginations of all of our young people, toward the sustenance of all life and our natural world? What if our priorities were the uplift of ALL of the least among us? What would it mean to our economies, to our governments, to our societies, to forget about competition, and focus on creativity? The challenge to do for community, for nation, for the planet, is becoming an issue of greater significance, whether we recognize this fact or not.
Getting back to the Gulf oil spill catastrophe, the absence of quality, diverse educational backgrounds, is very much evident, from the greed of BP, Trans-Ocean and Halliburton, to the very limited engineering expertise of those who have been in the management process of these drilling operations, to the repair teams to the substances used to contain/neutralize the spill itself.

If the priorities of the oil companies remains central to our energy program, we will be in an even greater debacle, once it begins costing oil companies much more in expenditures, that it can reap in profits, as oil reserves worldwide, begin to plummet. We are already on the downward scale of available oil reserves, which begs the question of why a replacement material has not been in the experimentation process, or if already available, not introduced on the market, to replace gasoline/petroleum? Because, no that corporation control nearly every aspect of our lives, from our food, to clothing, to energy, to our money and politics, what will happen when an oil crash occurs and there simply is not enough for the myriad of operations it is now used for?

Have we put enough thought to this? Is it politics that will solve this problem? What about money, even though we are in an economic crisis, being the answer to decipher this obstacle? What about education? What about us? We, the people, have some good ideas, I’m sure. How about consolidating our will, in fact, toward initiatives that will limit – even eliminate the hazards of our destructively consumptive habits.
Being ever closer to the ecological “tipping point” of no return, we’d better come up with some viable choices really soon. Do we really want to risk running out of air to breathe and water to drink and soil for raising crops, before we run out of oil to burn? My bet is that we don’t…


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