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I first of all, want to give all Glory to God for seeing me through this time of hardship and affliction.  I have come to realize that I would not be engaged in the moral and spiritual battles that are unfolding here, if not for the simple and basic fact that I’m striving to place my life closer to that of Almighty God and my personal Savior – Jesus Christ.  For this, I am certain that my enemies will be dealt with by Gods Might and not that of my own or man himself, since the evil of this world where the battle itself is being fought…

This story continues from the weekend of November 28, 2015…  As I was just going about my business and being illegally spied on by private security contractors and local police…  just a normal day, walking from my storage facility, up 28th Street where it joins Kalamazoo Avenue.

After reaching the Meijer store at the intersection, walking up to the entrance, I saw a vehicle which I was sure I had previously seen stalking me around town – a huge GMC white Denali (license plate number CE 1xxx8) which I copied down in the meantime for later reference.  I was quite surprised however to see a woman and her small daughter exiting the vehicle – I say surprised because I was sure this was a guy’s vehicle and fully expected to meet the contractor/off-duty cop/retired military owner of this grand piece of machinery face-to-face.

She obviously saw me, as she was going into the store, because before I could even enter, I saw she and her child coming back out with nothing and walking hurriedly back to the vehicle.  I will assume she made the call to report her suspicions as to what was going on and that she was relatively freaked out by the events unfolding and I, being unfamiliar with the whole spy game, continued obliviously on my way.

It wasn’t until I left the store, boarded a Westbound 28th Street bus and later, getting off about a mile from the Meijer store, did I realize something odd: the streets were buzzing – literally – with all of the SSV’s (or Surveillance Squad Vehicles as I commonly refer to them) that had normally been spying on me at one time or another, at various sectors of town, ALL AT THE SAME JUNCTURE of 28th street!

I went into a McDonalds at 28th and Madison to get a bite and just watch the parade.  And what a show it was!  I was able to view all the various Cadillac Escalades, the Tahoe’s and Yukon’s, the Chrysler 300’s, Ford Escape’s, Ford Crown Victoria’s (the one which look like off-duty police cruisers), Toyota SUV’s, Jeep Patriots, Liberty’s (of which I get mixed up because they look so much alike), Pontiac G6’s and the infamous Ram pickups (such as CD 55040), the gamut of the GMC line (Silverado’s Avalanches, etc), ALL converging upon the intersection of 28th Street and Madison Avenue!

This is also a great time for our elected officials to jump in and pick up the surveillance video of the time frame between about 1 to roughly 2 pm or so and actually see the white Denali pull into the Chrysler dealership directly across the street from McDonalds, pause while having a clear and unobstructed lane to head up 28th Street, East-bound, while I sat in the lobby watching the parade continue.  I would however be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Grand Rapids Police (as seen here  1128151332-00 (2) - -WGRPDDoingSteppdUpILLEGALSpyingBClDiscovrd1OfTheirs!  at the 28th Street and Madison intersections upon my departure from McDonalds) had their part in this show, making sure that wherever I went, they would be directing the parade my way, from ground or air surveillance!  To have this sort of command over the type of resources necessary to put into action this level of ILLEGAL SPYING on a normal, everyday, non-criminal MALE OF COLOR is an interesting question I’m sure Congress or the Senate would love to get more answers to – especially since I was just weeks from being fired from another job for being harassed!!!  YES – being fired for being picked with, food (such as this Pumpkin pie,  1109151834-00 (2) - VandalizedPieAtWork  brought to work to share with co-workers as is normally the case to increase workplace cohesion and camaraderie , but was instead spitefully VANDALIZED and wholly ignored by my superiors, including the director of human resources, who specifically assured me no form or harassment would be tolerated in any way, shape or form), and then, suffering a work injury and then, while in the midst of receiving therapy for injuries to my hands and wrists, was told they weren’t work-place (or in labor parlance “repetitive motion injuries“) or even work-related injuries, so the company (Ventra, LLC) would not continue paying for my rehab and MedCenter clinic visits.  Think of it: your personal belongings, rummaged through.  Your food tampered with.  EVEN from a secured locker.  You suffering a workplace injury and are told that the injury was your fault, happening else where, even though, through the work you have done continuously for the initial 60 days being repetitive, intense and unquestionably strenuous.  These are not small, minor incidents easily dismissed.  Especially in light of being under constant watch everywhere you go – and I do mean EVERYWHERE!

It doesn’t matter why.  The fact that my Constitutionally GUARANTEED rights to free speech are being not just infringed, but blocked illegally, from this blog, to my facebook page to working, attending school, or otherwise living a normal, unencumbered life life as any other American is the racist initiative set in motion with slavery to ensure that African-Americans remain tightly shut down in every way, so as not to even have the slightest mobility toward the equal justice guaranteed ALL AMERICANS from birth.

This puts a completely different light upon the fact that from the very FIRST THING in the morning (in fact this morning, at PRECISELY 8:18 am this morning of February 24, 2016, as I was walking from Jefferson Avenue, onto Franklin Street, to the Michigan Works office to do a job search, a squad vehicle was sitting – just SITTING THERE – and once seeing me, zooms CPT_0738 - ParkdAtSheldonAndFranklnSurvelldWalkngOnToFranklin... in my direction, just to ensure my attention is gotten CPT_0740 - ...ToThenSuddenlyZoom2WhereImAbout2Cross2DSS – for the pure purpose of racist intimidation).  Not only that, but as I attempted to send the pictures of this latest encounter, my phone signaled was repeatedly jammed, so that I could not complete a simple messaging function from phone to email, for over an hour!

Mind you, this is just this morning!  At the same place (the Michigan Works Office of the Department of Social Services on Franklin Street SE), I was not even off DSS property when I caught a glimpse of ANOTHER GRPD squad car crossing the Franklin and Jefferson intersection at exactly 5:32pm (17:32 military/law enforcement), yesterday, February 23, 2016 (as I’m just leaving the building CPT_0719 - HavingNotEvnLftDSSPropTheresGRPDAtTHSMOMNT and was suddenly so surprised I was barely able to get my camera set to take a picture – visible between sign and vehicle in turn lane).

And not to just single out the Grand Rapids Police Department or whatever are their motivations for stalking me incessantly, these incidents are in no ways confined to just Grand Rapids itself – or to being stalked while on foot.  The whole idea is to keep such close tabs on me that I don’t have a waking moment of movement without someone – the police, aerial drones, on my phone, or of course, on line.  This obsessive scrutiny involves MY tax dollars – even while I’ve spent a good portion of these last several years without work or far underemployed for my education and experience, this has to be a vendetta of some sort, that I can’t even enjoy the simplest of pleasures for myself as a law-abiding, responsible and socially conscious African-American MALE!

This past Saturday, February 20, 2016, while again, just minding my business, just leaving a 28th Street coffee shop nearby, I was confronted by two Kentwood Police officers springing out of the darkness, on the the public transportation platform.  As this wasn’t anything one expects, I immediately searched for my camera and before I could get good focus, they were confronting a group African-American teens, who had previously arrived there, had a few words, then abruptly left.  I’m currently trying to upload the pictures, but my phone again is jammed from sending photo’s so I’ll post them later, but this is the type of intimidation meant to inflict fear and anxiety needlessly, on a population that is seen as needing to be constrained in every imaginable way.

In another incident, while staying at a Knight Inn hotel before getting my current place, after hearing a disturbance outside my window, I looked out to see THIS (on November 2, 2015, at 8:47am)!1102150847-00 (2) - KWPDOutsdWindwAGAIN I had to wonder if I was dreaming, but then as I became more awake, I remembered this wasn’t the first time nor the only time and was a constant feature whether inside, outside, walking or on buses (as here, just arriving at the Kentwood Library on Walma Avenue  1124151256-00 (2) - JustOffThBus&StlkdBy... on November 24, 2015, at 12:56pm; estimating distance I walked since getting off the bus, seen in background, it was was only seconds)!  This must be the only way law enforcement can assure all citizens are secure when traversing the very safe, crime-free, subdued neighborhoods of Kentwood…

What has brought me to the attention of this level of scrutiny is an even greater question?  Having no criminal record, no criminal tendencies, no criminal ambitions, not even the courage to behave criminally, is obviously something I’m about to do, since all of these initiatives from being deprived of employment, being deprived of completing my education  –  I’ve been prohibited from frequenting the school (Grand Rapids Community College) I have not just one, but TWO Associate degree’s – as a distinguished academic, no less  returning to the Grand Valley State University campus for several years, because a university employees dismissed my claim I had been attacked by a fellow student with the same benzodiazepine-based substance noted in several past blogs, and in another instance, a university employee went so far as to lie on me about my harassing her, throwing papers at her, when routine surveillance video could have long ago resolved the issue with greater accuracy and thus avoiding reverting to 1916 or even 1816 penalties calling for the obstruction of non-Whites from obtaining any sort of education at all  –  or in other words, being denied my birthright access to life, liberty and my pursuit of happiness.

This is all pretty outrageous, until considering that a good many of my co-workers were themselves ex-veterans, ex-cops or individuals who had some sort of past dealings with the two and were now moon-lighting as private contractors.  I have no clue if any of this is accurate or not – what I do know is that on my last three or four jobs, with college degrees, experience to do any job with any corporation, I have run into a buzz saw of hostility, harassment and flat-out provocations to engage in fisticuffs, over… I don’t know what?!  How can American’s find each other under such criminal suspicion, all for a buck?  It is about getting paid after all if I’m not mistaken.  But being suspected of what?  My accusers have obviously not read my blog, otherwise they would realize my patriotism and love for God and country for outstrips and surpasses any level they could ever hope to attain.  So what is it really, that has drones flying over my home day and night (as here, CPT_0703 (2) - DRONECirclingStlkngOvrheadAsILeaveHm at precisely 8:53 on the morning of Frbruary 23, 2016, the very first thing in the MORNING, as I was leaving home – CONGRESS/SENATE – check FAA records of aircraft, heading west/northwest, over the Franklin Street/Jefferson Avenue area of Grand Rapids), or why frequently, when boarding or departing buses (see above), coming in or out of stores, my home, school or in flight from being stalked by both police and contractors (as here   , here   and   here   ), I’m shadowed by local police while, mind you, I’ve committed NO CRIME AT ALL!!!  But I’m a male of color, so no matter what I say I am, have or have not done, what is or is not in my official record, I am profiled and presumed already guilty by virtue of not being White!

Even at this very moment, in attempting to upload pictures to my blog media file, the function has now mysteriously frozen – as it does each and every time I get on my wordpress.com web page.  No matter where I am, what server I use, or which network I’m accessing.  I have no doubt that the reason – aside from not posting anything more interesting than being ILLEGALLY SURVEILLED by local police and private security contractors, is that people may find this all too incredulous to be true, is the substance of my writing.  That my Progressive/Liberal tenor has created such hostility that the only response is to erect impenetrable barriers to contain me, my aspirations, even my thoughts!  And trust me, there is nothing fictitious about any of this if the pictures prove any of what I say here – and should the reader have the money to afford the cost a FOIA investigation, that would be awesome.  I don’t!  But I have documentation that I will continue posting here – meanwhile it’s only a matter of time before the truth makes itself known – in spite of the odds against me and all other virtuous Americans of conscience!

And in our refusal to believe that racism is more precarious and far more sinister than in ages past, we condemn our selves and future generations to continue making the same mistakes over and over, without ever learning the lessons of some of the nations greatest generations.  The were the Americans who took their conjoined and collective experiences and created – yes – a more progressive and tolerant and giving America, that we slowly see being eaten away at.  While the former President, Ronald Reagan, is heralded as some sort of great redeemer of American… whatever, we have to acknowledge him as being the great divider that allowed White America to again feel comfortable about ridiculing and repudiating non-Whites, Women, labor, even nature and the environment, in his disdain for the initiatives by his Carter Administration predecessors, in removing Solar Panels from the White House.  But it is in fact, this very lack of foresight that is at the root over our current confusion as to whether or not Global Climate Change is in fact the very real threat that it is – and don’t take my word for it – a five inch rise in global ocean levels is pretty serious if you live in the Florida Panhandle or along areas of the American East Coast that were acutely impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

A recent article (White Americans Nearly As Blind To Their Racism As Ever Before –  by Jim Grimsley, in the L.A. Times, the writer re-visits personal experiences and juxtaposes them to more contemporary events in an effort to show the contrasts are not that different from then to now and if anything, the fact that economics have created a justified hostility towards those who – according to their perceptions – have not done their all to loosen themselves from the grip of deprivation, poverty and ignorance.  While seeing themselves as exceptional and a cut above and apart from non-White, non-wealthy Americans, the afflictions of re-segregations’ more heinous effects fail to penetrate the aura of White superiority, much less the White supremacist vista from which police, their companion security contractors and paid informants (be they Black or White), the perspective is that they would not be in the position to be hammered down if they made better choices in their lives.  The problem here is the denial of choices, which is inherent in the system itself and must be fought against HERE at the grass-roots level.  The more the average, common, ordinary citizen realizes it is their roll to oppose fight against hatred, racism, bias and institutional prohibitions of any and every form, in the most meaningful and sustained, long-term manner, the faster the afflictions of institutional hatred and bias will disappear.

Congressman Justin Amash and Senator Debbie Stabinow – the challenge is and continues to be on you to do your CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY and find out, why non-White citizens as myself are being relegated to third class citizenship and openly deprived of THEIR Constitutional Rights – for simply engaging in the public square of CITIZEN DEBATE – on THIS and other formats such as this blog.  Know that this is no inconvenience to me.  My hero’s have suffered as much if not more.  Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Frederick Douglas, WEB DuBois, Justice Louise Brandeis, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt(s), Eisenhower, Malcolm, the Kennedy’s, Dr. King, former President Jimmy Carter, Cornel West, the Clinton, the Obamas and many, many more significant and prominent past and current Americans give us the incentive to carry a torch of our own that will blaze the darkness of fear and hate that is trapping those who feel this repressive time in our nation is their own calling.  Knowing the history of this nation is what makes us a free people!  We understand that racism is the mental disease of Blacks and Whites alike – with Blacks being an intricate part of the ENTIRE contractor/spying for the police/FBI networks, so I anticipated this.  But should we all – as AMERICANS – sit silent, sit still, sit MUTE, while injustice and hardship and adversity plague a targeted sector of society, simply because of their ideology?  Their race and gender?  This in light of opposition ideology, as is playing out in Flint, Michigan, having the devastating consequences of destroying lives and futures of prospectively over 100,000 Michigan residents – all because they’re poor and reside in a predominantly non-White city population – they deserve poisoned water and can do nothing about it?

Had my life not been re-directed by racism of the type I’m fighting through at this very moment, I dare say I would be at the legal forefront of event going on in Flint.  Maybe my afflictors saw this and decided to short-circuit my ambitions before I could even get started.  Only Congress and the Senate have the answers and resources to tell the nation for sure what exactly is going on in here in Michigan.  By God Grace, my overcoming will be Gods victory – not mine and is the only way any of us can hope to survive this world and reach Glory …

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In trying to look up just exactly who is Cecily McMillan, I was only able to get to a few articles on her and then, quite suddenly, my computer froze!!!  I quickly shut down the page, but not before I realized I’m no doubt, being hacked at that very moment by those secret eyes that want to know all, see all and keep us ALL under strict and careful watch.  No matter.  We already know who she is, but from that, what do we know?  She was spied on, set-up, brutalized, convicted on phony charges, and now, faces a significant jail term, for a woman who, while a graduate student having had no prior history of violence, is being railroaded into that anarchist, leftist imagery that both titillates and terrifies those already afraid Democracy.  Those, who are of course, conservative and already desperately wanting to believe the worst of people, illegal and secret spying creates the opportunities to make that worst come true.  These are the people I myself, am confronting daily.  These are also the same people who vote Republican conservative and have made and maintain the status possible of the police state world that protects real, calculating, cold sociopathic criminals, of whom Cecily and others of the Occupy Movement protested against.  While simultaneously, illegally crushing dissenting voices and protest actions, in opposing just such kleptomanic criminality, our franchise of ownership slowly dissipating, we are slowly being locked out of our own government!

Overwhelmed by the mere mention of such bizarro-world realities, those too busy to read, pay attention or even think that something is wrong with the very nature of crushing and obliterating the initiative of dissent, simply shut down!  In a Democracy no less…  And even while Ms. McMillan is no one’s criminal, her choice to protest the criminal thievery on Wall Street, which led to the 2008 economic collapse and global Depression, is the true faith of a patriot with the virtue to dismiss laziness of simply looking the other way after such crimes were committed and the culprits were able to walk away free.  And as a reminder, to date, only low-level, relatively uninvolved participants – and a handful at best – have been convicted and no monies returned to the 10’s of millions of victims who lost homes, savings, pensions and futures, as a result of a criminality so all-encompassing, that not even regulators nor their agencies of which they serve, have had the courage to do their duties and prosecute those they do know for certain, were directly complicit in the economic collapse of 2008.  As leaders of this, our Liberal/Progressive government, our imperative was, is and remains to commit to proactive measures before criminality and lawlessness occur.  Being prevented from doing so now, in this authoritarian, conservative police-state, isn’t just the move to suppress citizen opposition, but also activating our vibrant Democracy into action at a moments notice!

How this could all could be allowed to occur is probably the most mystifying part of this whole ordeal.  How does a cop move around in a crowd without notice, walks up to a protester, fondles her, gets justifiably elbowed for touching – molesting, by any other descriptive – a woman, in a way that would otherwise have gottem him FIRED, under any any other circumstance!  The fact that Ms. McMillan had already been under on-going, non-stop surveillance, has been considerably overlooked, as it’s completely impossible to believe this officer didn’t know who she was.  Or doesn’t anyone read the headlines?  How do people think her presence drew THAT sort of attention?  She was just a common, face-in-the-crowd protester of no real significance.  An ordinary concerned citizen, in commission of her rights as an American, in a public square, where Democracy is supposed to happen!  Or was she somewhere she shouldn’t have been?  Was she consorting with those under some type of real or actual criminal suspicion?  Most importantly, were there people spying on her, giving information about her?  Was her online activities, like many millions of other American’s, being continually monitored, knowing what information she, like many other American’s like myself, watched for an opening to exploit, while our legislators themselves, sit in fear for their own or the safety others?  Is this why no investigations have yet been opened as to what is going on our nations streets, with this criminal collusion between police and private contractors?  In direct defiance to the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  And why are we more outraged about this whole vile affair?

A reading of the Declaration, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers, all note that we are the sole, exclusive heirs of the Revolution and subsequent government that threw out the economic and military tyrants and dictators that did to those citizens of the colonies, what the wealthy, corporations and their private contracting armies are now doing to the citizenry of this nation.  Our response?  Nothing, if persons like Ms. McMillan, others in the movement that has been effectively silenced and persons such as myself, being intimidated via having been unemployed and sinking deeper into destitution and deprivation for the better part of period I’ve been blogging (2010), are hunted down and violated, by secret police and their agents, while elected/appointed government officials are bullied and too fearful to act in ways their offices’ mandates says they must.  Ms. McMillan, upon seeing pictures and video of the day of the original altercation, looks to have been under the influence of a drug of the type that was likewise, secretly laced in my food or on clothing or bedding, in my apartment about this same time.  My speculations stem from a relationship I was in at the time, which had grown estranged, due to my increased agitation and combativeness, that had never before been part of my character, as I’m sure it had not been part of Ms. McMillan’s.  And like Ms. McMillan, I too, was provoked into a series of steadily escalating incidents, where for no reason, I was drawn into disputes with the woman that, while I cared for deeply, had no rational foundation to behave in ways that were completely out of my normal charactor.

Why would a citizen, who may also have been victimized as well, by the 2008 Depression, have reason to argue the just merits of the Occupy Democracy initiative, with Ms. McMillan?  That is completely irrational, knowing the devastation caused by a premeditated and all-incompassing institutional theft, which in the end, removed trillions of dollars that just 10 years previous, had created the greatest economic comeback – just from the presence of those same trillions of dollars being economically active – and over the shortest time frame, engineered by the most intellectually gifted President (Clinton, as some Americans like to forget!) of the 20th century!  Similarly, why too, would a woman who claimed to love me, attempt to cause agitation, emotionally pushing and pulling against me, coming into and out of my life, causing unnecessary mental and emotional, while knowing full well I was already under enough stress from school, running a business which assisted inner-city teens to stay in High School long enough to graduate, all while working part-time, just to make a make ends meet, in the very teeth of the worst of the 2008 Depression!  This was also the period, late 2011 and going into 2012, I began to suspect someone was coming into my apartment without authorization.  My diet and exercise regimine keep me in optimal health, so I know precisely when something isn’t right with my body.  One day, in the summer of 2012, while in class, I had an episode of near-complete mental incapacity.  I couldn’t concentrate, focus or even comprehend what my professor was lecturing on, or to even take notes!  This sudden and never before occurring condition was so debilitating, but after realizing later, that it was my food and/or items (potentially) in my apartment, and after ceasing to leave any more food than a single meal, this condition never again recurred!

Another precaution was that, even though I would, on several occasions, set up a web cam to covertly record my apartment while I was away, nothing… until my computer was turned off one day.  I know this because I would check and double check to make sure it was on, each time before leaving my apartment.  It was hidden, so that only an electronic devise able to detect my computers digital signature, would have been the only means possible to know it was recording, as exactly where in my apartment it was while doing so.  For those who don’t have these sort of instincts or are physically in tune with themselves or their surroundings, nothing would seem out of the ordinary, and so ingesting some such substance would go unnoticed, until the consequences of their reactive side effects manifest in combative and easily excited by provocations in such ways that landed Ms. McMillan in jail and myself out of a relationship (thankfully, in hindsight), after falling victim to violations of the simple provision of the rights of privacy and protection against unwarranted searches and tampering with a citizens property and effects.

Which contractors are using drugs and what types, are something our law makers should be seeking answers for – NOW!  What areas of operations and the assignments they’ve been on, nation-wide, are also issues our law makers should be pursuing.  Also, what information is there that ties police forces – nationally – to these secret operations, are something Congress and the Senate, as well as the President himself, need to be involved in, as to getting to the bottom of the lawlessness of which law enforcement and security contractors are conducting secret operations in cities across the country.  While there a prima facie justification claim here, no such defense can be found for terrorizing ordinary, law-abiding, innocent of ANY WRONG-DOING WHATEVER – citizens, in their PUBLIC or PRIVATE lives, as well as in EXERCISE of our legal, Constitutional rights of speech, gathering or seeking REDRESS of criminal wrong-doing against citizens and the state itself!

As a consequence and being already acutely divided, but even now, more in jeopardy than any point in the nations history because of the technological advances of snooping on our intimate privacy, our majority mandate is compromised by our lack of knowledge about our inherent authority over our government, as the citizenry so named at the very outset of the Constitution, we’ve literally endangered ourselves by our reluctance to step it up and take command of this situation, even as it spirals wildly out of control!  We, the people… are NOT entitled to cowardice – whether at the citizen or the elective office capacity.  So we would do well to TREAT THIS as the big THING that it IS!  But WHEN America?…

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It is supremely ironic that we are here – AGAIN! – exactly, 43 years almost to the day when we had to wrest control of our government BACK from the tyrannically conservative Richard Nixon.  Within years, we would run him out of the White House in a futile attempt to restore Constitutional order – if only for a short time – back for the nations citizens and our government.    A brief moment of less than a decade.  And while many American’s were too young to remember these events, the lessons were wasted teaching moments that all too often have slipped away and out of our collective memory.  That in itself is the tragedy.  But even worse, it has been occurring far too often of late.  The question is now, what do we plan to do about it?  How many more  hits on our nation and Democracy, will we the PEOPLE of God – of faith and of the longest enduring, most resilient Democracy in human history, before we jointly determine its OUR RESPONSIBILITY – to defend, with our honor, treasure – our lives if and when necessary?

When a young lady in New York is placed under surveillance, and while attending an Occupy rally, is fondled by law enforcement, concealing his identity and then, only after her natural reaction is to defend herself from being accosted, is placed under arrest and charged, after striking blindly at an unseen person behind (see: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/occupy-activist-be-sentenced-police-assault) her , this is terror.

When an elderly citizen takes in his son – who also happens to be a Liberal/Progressive activist writer and who too, is under surveillance – who has no place to live in the dead of the harshest Michigan winter in living memory, an active, engaged and independent 93 year old, then quickly deteriorates – both physically and cognitively – because someone has been coming into his house while no one was there, putting substances in the food, on clothing, on bedding, releasing bugs (of the micro-drone variety), whose bite injects substances which cause mental and physical deterioration’s, that is terror!

When after an extreme and near complete civic and institutional collapse, a nation, knowing it needs to restructure its entire way of conducting the business of government, is prevented from doing so, by elements outside, as well as inside that same government, stand directly in opposition and in the way of a new president and even before announcing a single policy initiative toward the restorations necessary for the re-establishment of law, order and governmental and regulatory transparency, to job markets, business, banking and investments, education, ensuring racial, gerontological, gender and LGBT rights, international diplomacy, environmental restorations and assistance to the elderly, disabled and the poor (victimized by that same collapse of society), that IS terror!

Future President James Madison asked a young, reflective nation, after a time of difficult war and hardships of rebuilding, in that intense several months between October 27, 1787 to August 16, 1788, to think long and hard.  To think deeply.  To consider the “… sum or quantity of power…” we, the people, of a not yet nation, were about  to bequeath, or to “… vest in the government… ” not yet even in existence.  Federalist 41 would continue walking a trusting citizenry down a path lit bright with hope, anticipation and the ambition of the affirmative possibilities that, as Madison challenged, would they, at that moment of flux, to we now in this modern age, as their directly descended progeny, know with absolute certainty, if “…any powers transferred to the general government, be unnecessary or improper…?”  A second question which followed, was “… whether the entire mass of them (that conglomeration of ‘powers’) be dangerous to the portion of jurisdiction left in the several states…?”  It would not be more than 180 years before those who would vote for Richard Nixon, did ignore such dire considerations.

As the first United States President ever to unleash the unrestrained terror of secret, reckless, punitive government upon the people – the citizens who voted for George W. Bush then answer back with a resounding and emphatical NO!… such horrors and terrors imposed upon not JUST the people, but would likewise, defile ALL future governments, as we see these horrors and terrors of the Nixon years, the Bush years, now infecting the administration of President Barack Obama, with the disease of the same terror, the same tyranny, of secretive and omnipotently OPPRESSIVE governance, when he swore an oath to end it, there is an undeniable crisis with the system of government that supposedly has built-in safeguards to deflect such sabotage!  But the system has failed, as people are no longer safe – to congregate, find safe shelter and food, to rely on stable government in times of crisis or have access to direct representatives, because the voice of large donations drowns out the voices of millions of voters and corporate personified influences intimidates and bullies elected and appointed officials to the point they fear for their seats, their lives and the lives of the families and loved ones!  As a result, the confusion and fear of nearly broken citizenry, prevents them from even the ambition of voting in favor of a better, more positive and productive direction.  But we were warned this would be the case if we became complacent, lazy and detached from our Civic Cultural duties as owners and managers of this – a peoples Democracy collective.  But no one reads.  No one pays attention.  And as a result, after years of disengagement, an entire nation awakens to find themselves locked out of what was once theirs – their own government!  Again, it didn’t have to turn out this way, as we were told in the year the first generation of American’s established this republic Democracy, designed withstand any enemy – domestic and foreign.  but this is something new: the enemy is ourselves…

In the 1971 Supreme Court case, The New York Times v. The United States Government, (see:http://www.oyez.org/cases/1970-1979/1970/1970_1873) the Nixon administration essentially tried to argue the case to allow it and the preceding Johnson administrations’ war and domestic terror criminality to stand, in keeping the Pentagon Papers secret and thus, keeping the entire illegal war enterprise hidden, could not stand against the full fury and force of the rule of law, which would have otherwise resulted in those secrets still remaining buried behind that same 43 year old wall of secrecy.  Today, we are facing the same, with the question of how to go forward in the saga of Edward Snowden – the former National Security Agency intelligence analyst, regarding the 99 percent total surveillance spy terror (with – again, the one percent being able to buy their own exclusive liberties and freedoms distinct from those of the rest of the nation) of the American people.

The whole sordid enterprise MUST be exposed and the only way that can and will happen is getting Mr. Snowden before the Senate leadership, with a guarantee of immunity from prosecution, so the entire program, finally, after 13 years – including illegal Section 8 Habeus Corpus violations, from Article I of the Constitution, will be out in the open.  But in order that this end NOW, NO ONE should escape prosecution, who was involved in the carrying out and covering up and blocking investigations, can we assure, unlike in the past, that this madness may ever occur again.  Mr. Snowden alerted us and we should repay is loyalty by ensuring the guilty don’t walk!  No Nixonian pardons!  It must END NOW, so it never happens, ever again!  This habit, if it is to be broken, must happen by our collective resolve, as James Madison proscribed in the first place.  This is how we know who did and did not do their homework, studying the Declaration, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers, and then we would have guarded ourselves years ago, from the prejudices of the unthinking, the wantonly ambitious and covetous criminal-minded conservative.  This Liberal/Progressive government is best managed by a cool and candid people, as James Madison described those of US whose patriotism isn’t some flag lapel pin, abortion opposition or school prayer and creationist advocate, but a people who alloy in themselves… with the purest of human blessings…  This is why reading on ones own is so critical in a Democracy, with such a rich literary history as ours.  James Madison seemed to be, in those days everywhere at once, in keeping a diary of the proceedings during the Constitutional Convention in the summer of 1788 and if we get nothing out of his lessons of that time, it should be this – that the “… choice must always be made, if not of the lesser evil, at least of the GREATER, not the PERFECT good…”

The case of the Nixon monstrosity was totally accidental, as such an occurrence had never taken place.  Reagan’s administration caught us as equally unaware and confused, being in a state of post-Vietnam war weariness, but is also is no excuse.  The Supreme Court majority installing their choice and then the unprecedented moves toward corporatization of every facet of life and politics was our fault and the natural world, our civilization and Democracy are now paying the price that our nations forebearers would be devastated and ashamed of, that we the people, allowed such horrible turns of misfortune, to overtake us so completely and unnecessarily!

The Senate will have to take the lead on this, as they are the only fully functioning and independently autonomous legislative group in Washington now.  They are, with its diverse membership, able to track down which contractors or policing agencies are buying excessive amounts of drugs which have no functional use to its members, as well as tracking down their areas of operations and who they are surveilling.  As we recently learned from a four year, NYPD investigation of Muslims, there was not a single person charged in the entire time of the teams’ secret operations and as peaceful, non-violent groups are being targeted, those same resources are being wasted, if violent and criminal individuals and groups are allowed to thrive, flourish and create mayhem, with impunity.  The Senate must also partner with the President in consolidating greater powers in normalizing and restoring law and order, from the top to bottom of society, in doing what we did 43 years ago, to assure something as simple, but as vital as free speech and assembly was given its Constitutional priorities as intended.

Having lost sight of this imperative, that is all we can depend on, in connecting with the same Divine revelations which inspired the inception of this Democracy, in keeping it as pure, as fresh and as vital, by making the hard choices – as did Edward Snowden, as did Barack Obama, not knowing that either had walked into a rigged game and had done all they could – against these great odds, to uphold their oath to God and country.  We, the PEOPLE let them AND ourselves down, by failing to populate the Senate and Congress with MORE Liberal/Progressives, Democrats and Republicans alike, of the type who sat on the Supreme Court Bench 43 years ago, and told us directly, THEY would uphold the purest spirit of the public good of which every office holder is obliged to carry, who represents every letter and phrase of the nations founding documents in the spirit of the divine and by their actions alone, we of this age, would know what to do to end traditions of evil, that have interloped into our virtuous, pure and ever-affirming Democracy, for all time to come.  Because if we are to utilize EVERY opportunity civilization offers, we must ensure that the way is made clear with faith, virtue and the God-given intelligence and compassion embodied within these God-inspired Democracy structures that have meant the difference between living free and independent as equals.  Read your Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights, your Federalist Papers, and then take all that Liberal/Progressive intellect and ambition and VOTE – for a transformed and affirmative America…

© Copyright 2014 Yankee Patriot UnderGround Press

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