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Originally Published:  October 14, 2010

It’s too bad Americans have grown so dull-witted. It’s also sad we’re still, as a nation, so racist. As we discovered that not only is President Barack Obama half Black (or half White, depending on your orientation), but he’s also related to:

Dick Cheney-
Sarah Palin-
George W. Bush!-

Wow! Well, maybe an “oh well,” would be more appropriate, but at any rate, I say all that to say that in this election year, we have forgotten what has happened, what’s at stake and where we’re going… should we fail to exercise intelligence and prudence, in voting to lend greater support to a President who, to this day, has not had the opportunity to be a president-in-full.  Ever defending his right simply to “legitimately” be there, he has not yet had a chance equal to that of his quite obviously inferior predecessor, who was afforded a most undeserved benefit of multiple doubts, we certainly deserve to be shown exactly what this man is made of, so that at the very least, he has an “equal opportunity” to put his own stamp on his own administration, with his own Congressional delegation, so that history will be a fairer judge than our racially biased prejudices.

Because at a moment past Barack Obama’s swearing-in as president, the Right wing declared war on his presidency. And making us all hostages in the process. At this rate, we may never know the potential of this man, as a president, but if we had not given George W. Bush the benefit of lo, those many doubts, imagine what pain, suffering and chaos the American people alone, could have saved the world. And ourselves… Something to think about as election day draw nearer…

Yet, we sit in solitary confinement, most of us anyway, contemplating the rage and psychosis of Republicans, Right-wing pundits, tea baggers and other racist-tinged/consumed/obsessed fanatics, who imagine our Democracy resembles even in some small way, mortal danger they erroneously imagine it to be, simply because an American electoral majority was intelligent enough to elect the very best candidate of the field in 2008. Well, as a late news flash, the danger has already passed! President Obama’s cousins are no longer in the White House and we can now be relieved that if, as of this coming Mid Term election, as we elect as many Democrats as possible, our nation will be back on track that much sooner and on the road to saving itself, as well as the world, from the hazards of big money, big lies and bigger delusions that we just barely survived during the 2001 through 2008 period. That we really aren’t in as much trouble as we allowed ourselves to get into previously, means we have an ever greater opportunity to place ourselves and our world, to the position we were just as President Bill Clinton was departing the White House.

And speaking of great Presidents, much of our collective issue is we fail to give credit where it certainly is due. We can’t blame President Obama and in fact are wrong to, without taking into consideration all of what he inherited. We also cannot appreciate the absolutely dismal job performance of the previous administration, without taking into consideration the posture President Clinton left the nation and the world at large, as of January 20, 2001.  As such, here’s a trivia question for you boys and girls: Can anyone honestly remember the last time we had money in the bank, when the one administration was handed off to its successor?

As we were poised to be rid of a national debt, accumulated by 12 years of Republican inefficiency, negligence and irrationality, in nearly any and every category of performance, bring peace to every corner of the globe (INCLUDING AND ESPECIALLY the Middle East), uplifted the viability of developing nations, while simultaneously tutoring on how to avoid the mistakes developed nations have already experienced (regarding resource management, the valuation of education, pollution monitoring and control, avoiding imperialistic tendencies, corrupt governmental practices, impacting lurid business/government associations, as well as the benefits of maintaining a clean and healthy Liberal, Democratic society and related institutions), our nation and by extension, the world at large, were moving in a direction never before witnessed in the history of human civilization!

Because this didn’t occur, it’s easier to dismiss this sort of projecting and yes, imagining, as far-fetched, but depend on Republicans and their zany Right-wing supporters to mess up even the simplest of tasks.

To understand that 30 years ago – EXACTLY – President Jimmy Carter placed atop the White House, Solar Panels. The purpose? To set both an example and a trend, as to where we would be heading, in order to tame our obsession over the use of cheap, fossil fuel energy sources. Of course, fossil fuels were never cheap, with the associated costs figured in, and then calculated as a whole. But the warning had already sounded, in the form of the oil embargo of the mid-1970′s, coupled with the decline (even at that time) of easily accessible petroleum reserves world-wide.

President Carter’s bold plan would have resulted in America and no doubt, much of the planet, being free of the addiction to burning petroleum, using it, instead, in more vital, life-saving, and much less dangerous methods. This plan was to develop totally renewable sources of clean energy, that would have cost pennies on the dollar, and saved trillions in military, pollution, health and environmental costs, that as of today, are all threatening to destroy our national stability, as well as our probability to survive as a species, beyond the next two centuries.

Taking up such awesome challenges are not things Republicans have the ability to perform. If it’s not about personal enrichment and attaining ultimate, unilateral power over everyone in sight, Republicans and their Right-wing confederates don’t want to even consider it. Because the future is so far away, it is their philosophy to ignore it altogether! But can the rest of us be comfortable taking this same perspective? Can we really, in good conscience, doom future generations to a miserable, hellish existence, that will only progressively worsen, the longer we take to make the decision that Climate Change is indeed a problem and is, unequivocally, our responsibility?

Oh course then, it’s no wonder that young voters have soured on the president. With his legacy firmly tied to that of both Presidents Clinton and Carter, the media itself, has joined in on the hate campaign against President Obama, to ensure he, as well as all Democrats up for election this fall, fail in their effort to lend a hand in saving this nation. To turn the nation back over to Republican control would be the height of irresponsibility and the equivalent of a suicide pact among those voters committing such a horrendous wrong against a nation that is the last beachhead against tyranny and political and economic oppression.

After all, if you allowed an acquaintance to drive your car while drunk, and they crashed it, would you then, give them the keys and allow them to continue driving? This is the choice we, as a nation, are facing at this moment. We know what Republicans have done to this nation. We have seen it with our collective eyes and have already decided that going in a Liberal, Progressive direction, is what will put us back on track. No matter what the tea baggers say, they are Republican through and through. Their presence is the same as Republicans, in opposition to policies of the president and the direction the nation absolutely needs to embark upon, in order to save this Democracy.

We owe it to ourselves to escape from the fictional world painted by Republicans, tea baggers and the media and have the courage to vote our convictions and give OUR PRESIDENT a hand in his – and ‘OUR’ moment of urgent need…

Think this through as this election season winds down. There is much more at stake than you know…  And this leads us back to the trivia question above and how much the nation had in the bank, as of January 19, 2001: the total was around $300 billion – give or take a few hundred million.  But who’s counting?  Whether it’s saving money or saving the nation, Liberal/Progressives have historically done it better and is a reality we need to be especially mindful of this November…


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