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It’s hard to make sense a common commodity, even in an age where ‘intelligence’ is supposed to be ingrained within our civic cultural systems, but here we are…  With leadership a flailing, out-of-control mess, where the headlines read like a sleazy tabloid and in trying to keep one’s mind affixed on law and order, those charged with keeping that law orderly, keeping real criminals in check and ensuring that the law abiding receive protectionNOT persecution or at the mercy of the lawless ( in whatever form they reveal themselves), America has fallen to a place that would be unrecognizable to its founders or civil societal authors…

In the time since we’ve been out of step with the criminal element which has taken over our government and society, we don’t seem to have a clue that the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, even the Federalist Papers, offer up all the guidance we would hope to need, in making sense of what to do in situations, even moments like this and we’re left with only prayer and patience, as to what comes next…

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