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As I was waiting the bus (Route 44 of the RAPID Bus line, in route to the Kentwood library), at 11:56 am, the bus itself was being stalked by an official government vehicle, a Kent County Animal Control vehicle, the realization came to me that this petty game that my enemies have been playing for several years now, is coming to a climax point.  And just like the current outrage over sexual harassment and assault against women, nationally, the assaults against Black men is no less pervasive – and is even more so, in curtailing our ability to work, conduct peaceable lives and simply be left alone – as is our legal rights as Americans…  That is, if we were ever considered American in the first place…

Since I posted my most previous essay, on this blog, I’ve noticed a considerable curtailment, but a likewise escalation, in the police presence, both on the streets and on this particular computer network, concurrently, which can only be explained by my movements and activities being illegally surveilled, for NO JUSTIFYABLE REASON whatever.  And being a male of color, it should come as no surprise, all told, but as an innocent, law-abiding, completely non-criminal, middle-aged African-American male – who is THE primary target of law enforcement – whether having committed a crime or are, in my case, completely crime-free!!!

The logic is impossible to reconcile – thus the intimidation and repressive activities of the supposed law enforcement community taking issue with me, for no other reason than my political and ideological beliefs – as well as my color are the same insanity of which America has operated on since its inception in 1776.

Going this far, it seems completely irrational that I should be targeted in such a manner, but obviously, a factor of great fear is at the root of the initiative to be so bold and flagrant as to be so open with such levels of repressions – in spite of laws to the contrary.  I can’t be the only one and am putting this out now, in an effort to ensure that the call goes out to anyone reading, to be sure to issue this immediately, to create as great a ruckus as possible, to put this front and center, as an issue that the nation must deal with, with all the immediacy of the national emergency that it is…

I shouldn’t be so naive as to assume that what I write and post to this blog is open-source material, and is completely unobstructed and is being published in a completely unhindered manner as befits a free, open and democratic society as is suppose to be the case here in the United States of America!

The fact that the computer network has been spiked by the police, is outrageous, as the library network administrator (Kurt Stevens), is scrambling to figure out what’s going on, is an illegality in itself and an outrage, for the fact that in an effort to thwart crime, the police are directly engaged in criminal behaviors against law-abiding, non-criminal Americans!  The local County representative that I’ve contacted has yet to return my call to see what it is I’m talking about here, but if he were so inclined, he would already know that I have pictures, video and other documentation, to more validate that this is in fact, a case straight out of the jim crow-era indignations, where Black men – for no other reason than using their initiative and intelligence, to become and display a civic intelligence, thinking in a proactive, forward and progressive manner and move in the only way they know how – create civic awareness to the injustices employed to repress and terrorize the non-White community, when threatened – by truth

One thing that I’ve realized is the fact that coming into this facility (the Kentwood Public Library) or any other public library for that matter, the Michigan employment offices’ computer lab, or any other public place where I’m able to post to my blog site, I suffer immeasurable obstructions and all sorts of bizarre physical sensations…  But


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The realization of being persecuted because of ones race and culture and color seems an impossibility in modern-day America, but this is the legacy of a racist, sexist, intolerant nation, which never realized the values that the liberty of diversity assigns to a Democracy such as ours – here in America

Oddly enough, these were the exact values which were at stake during the last national election, in November of 2016.  The excitement of hearing someone telling off those others – those uppity women, those crime-ridden Blacks, those illegal and criminally oriented Latino’s and other foreigners, overrunning our borders, by way of their wealth-entitlement and White-male privileged expressions, left no room for those of us who believed in the reality of what America was supposed to be – from its conception.

As I embarked upon my day, I was met not two blocks from home (or where I’m being given shelter currently, due to where I am, according to the title of this essay), and for the duration, by Kentwood Police cruisers – stalking my every movement.  If not from a remote distance, by way of paid informants, as well as military contractors, operating within out nations’ borders, against law-abiding citizens – such as myself, for instance!

Why else would there be such a massive police and security presence surrounding me at every turn?  What is it about me that makes me appear dangerous or some sort of public menace, such as those in law enforcement, or those in the business community, who routinely victimize, brutalize and exploit all those others who are not white and male.  We all know the stories by now, as if they are not populating the national and global headlines…  Issues which were supposed to be corrected and resolved as of 8 – 9 years ago, but left to fester and become worse over time, until we have the world as we now know it!

The brutality, the savagery, the hatred that has overwhelmed the entire world, has come full circle and instead of being exacted against foreigners in some remote, far-away land, it has now come home to terrify Americans, for no other reason than to force us into complacency, submission and conformity.  In fact, as I type this here at the public library (which, coincidentally, is right next door to the Kentwood Police station), I am being monitor and surveilled – ILLEGALLY – not for anything criminal, but rather, for having the audacity to speak (and WRITE) truthfully, about my experiences, of being illegally infringed upon in my public and private person, making my life as difficult as possible, in forcing me to cease and desist and forget all that I’ve learned about the reality of the America that has failed to yet accept the edicts and commandments of our nations Constitution, Bill of Rights, laws and standards, of which we all are obligated to live by.

Getting back to my journey to the library, by law, to be placed under surveillance, is an act that is supposed to be authorized by court order (see NSA Spying on Americans Is Illegal – found at the ACLU site – https://www.aclu.org/other/nsa-spying-americans-illegal…), which explains who is covered and what the standards are to be, in cases that actual illegalities warrant placing and keeping an American citizen under continual, round-the-clock surveillance.  As this has been an on-going, continual practice for the last 5 to 7 years, and I have done nothing to illicit the attention of law-enforcement EVER in my life, I can only surmise that my activities here on these blog pages are what have designated me as worthy of being eligible for such illegal, warrantless spying.  But it doesn’t end there: I have to buy food every day, as to ensure that if my home is illegally entered (by… the police, contractors or paid informants…), who have, in the past, tainted my food and beverages, with drugs which reduce and hamper my mental processes and functions; that my bodily functions are being manipulated, to the point that even though I have not drank very much liquid today, I am running to the restroom continually – here at the library (of which I’ve documented intently), far more than I would or do any other time, in any other place; the fact that I am not able to enjoy the privacy I’m guaranteed – Constitutionally – is an outrage and offense to my citizenship status – meaning that at a whim, my rights are inhibited – all because I refuse to live as a second or third class citizen – for no other reason than the fact that I am non-White!!!

Conditions Of Submissions

What has occurred over the last two decades is in fact, stunning!  There’s no way to account for what truly happened on September 11, 2001, but in fact, voicing public skepticism is reason enough to infringe upon my daily activities, enough and even up to denial of my right to an education, a viable occupation and freedom from being drugged with substances which cause a loss of my cognitive abilities.  But this is what has occurred in the years of expressing rational and quite public doubt over the circumstances surrounding September 11, 2001.

My ability to ascertain what is reasonable and/or not, is a learned, developed intellectual endeavor, of which many Americans obviously lack.  I want to place blame on former President Obama for the state of the nation and how corrupt our law enforcement apperati have developed, but it is much bigger than one person, president or administrative term.  We must remember that the nation failed to become the America our Constitution and subsequent laws had mandated.  The fact that in here, now – 2017 – an American of color, is inhibited and restricted from thinking, speaking and sharing knowledge – openly – with fellow Americans, is the real tragedy of our national being and life!  As such, my inability to behave as white people in authority, feel I should is the continuum of injustice that forces me to keep my on-line identity secret and continually watch what I say in public.

It is dreadful to imagine that at this moment in time – in America’s 241 year – that we ALL are still thinking in 18th century terms, modes and methods!!!  That in spite of the number of years our Constitution has been in effect, some Americans still desire that the wealthy own the power of law and order and the ownership of society and governance by their mandate alone!  And as such, those in law enforcement are the sole enforcers of just such mandates and no debate will be necessary!!!

This is the undercurrent of the hatred of the Clinton’s.  This is the focus of the campaign since day one, of the war on women.  And of course, being competitors for the attention of the nation’s women – Black, White and all colors and hues in between – this is the greatest sin of the Black man, especially in that he even give a hint that he think and believe and speak with independence and autonomy!!!  Sports, proving only a slight measure of a Black mans proficiencies, these are what create such terror in the minds and hearts of White men – not white people – but White men specifically and it’s outrageous that in the 21st century, non-Whites dare not breath this very reality.

What is the answer?  What is the solution to the very real terror that we harbor for one another, which causes so much animosity, fear and dread, to overcome our reason?  There are… how many tens of thousands of Black men incarcerated unjustly, and how many more targeted for the same – or worse – simply because of their color, their intelligence, their very potential?  What does it mean that in this modest , simple little library, I elicit such menace among those no more than 200 yards away, as they monitor and spy – illegally no less – on these words that I type, as opposed to taking time out of the days in their lives, to contribute to the wellbeing of someone of color, in the advance of making the world alittle better – just by some small measure?  They, of course, would face resistance, initially, but only because it is their hostility, intolerance and annoyance that children of color – male children especially – see almost exclusively, but this is not TV, nor is it some make-believe, fictional story – this is REAL LIFE, lived by REAL HUMAN BEINGS and if we want a change, we must do like the masses of people did in Virginia, land Georgia and in other states that endeavor to undo what was obviously an error of thinking by so many Americans in November of 2016, by electing a president who lacks so much as the simple skills of civility and consideration for another person and put into elective office those who know what intricacies are involved in the governance of an entire nation and what is actually involved in the global leadership that we – as Americans – have inherited, going forward!!!

As a nation, we have much to contemplate, as we confront situation such as are expressed here in this essay.  There is a reason I haven’t been present these last few years and THIS is why…

And just so it’s understood, the irregular, corrupted way of the image here is strictly due to my page being overtaken by the police presence being injected into the final draft here.  No matter the time take to try and correct it, I’ve been unsuccessful and and even as I type and have been typing for years, I can’t seem to create a pristine page, without error!!!  I will leave it as is and allow you to judge for yourself, the ominous forces continually at play in the lives of innocent, law-abiding people of color…

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