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In his very first year in office, President Barack Hussein Obama had the supreme opportunity to change the world to a place unlike anything we’d seen or known since 10 years previous. The 2008 Depression and the phenomenon of massive job losses, along with the meltdown of the nation’s three leading car manufacturers, the investment and banking sectors, the slide in education standards and quality, the escalating degradation of the global Environment, the twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the strain and isolation from our historical, as well as our newest (well, before the Republican conservative administration of 2001) cadre of allies, along with the prospects presented by the Democratization movements in Tunisia, Egypt and cross the whole of the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, and across Asia, all presented a coalescence of fortuitous consequences that would have been more than enough to keep a President of Mr. Obama’s intellect and perspective, occupied and engaged in the efforts of instituting the very best in Liberal/Progressive initiatives to again, save the world from yet another Republican-engineered Civic Societal catastrophe.

For some reason, President Obama, after coming into office in 2009, saw himself as someone other than the Liberal candidate-now President, than he campaigned as! Doing a top-to-bottom executive policy review would have been the first order of business – even before he stepped a foot into the Oval Office. That way, he would have foreseen the ensnarement-laden terrain of his disasterburdened inheritance that needed to be immediately dispatched, as it was a generation before, when President Bill Clinton was bequeathed the exact same duplicated circumstances upon taking office in 1993, and knowing that history, understood the imperative of quick, decisive action – as too, was the case 16 years before.

Time Warp To Nowhere And No One To Guide US!

Instead, the advisors surrounding the new President seemed at awe of the situation and sought to serve themselves, instead of the nation, giving the worst advise in pressing the new President who, carrying the burden not only of the worst circumstances of administrative transference of the American Executive, in over 80 years, but also the additional burden of being the very first African-American President in the nation’s history, confronting a nation still not at ease with the myriad of issues surrounding race, class, power and patriarchy, at a personal, as well as institutional levels.

The previous administration chose to toe the status quo line on every issue, thereby creating a series of disasterous outcomes that would damn the nation to comprehensive quagmire of unprecedented proportions. It was the neo-con theorem that by becoming the ultimate anti-Clinton enduring precept, that they would eventually out-perform the successes garnered by the Clinton administration! That by going against all the concepts, principles, initiatives, all of which were in fact, Constitution-based imperatives by which the Clinton administration had grounded itself, Clinton’s conservative Republican administration successors saw it as somehow magically achieving amazing, never before seen results of a different kind, than doing the groundwork, laying a solid foundation and relying on the expertise of those experienced in the art of state-craft, to fashion a world conducive to across-the-board prosperity, peace and a coordinated citizen-government interactive that could be replicated in any nation across planet, in any socio/political and economic prior circumstance.

What would happen instead, was a complete and utter disaster, based on fanciful, non-reality and fact-less centered inclinations that, while tried by every Republican President since Herbert Hoover (with the exception of President Dwight D. Eisenhower), all ending in complete and utter failure, President Obama failed to see the urgency of departing immediately from the course that had been lain as a well-concealed trap, for his administration to stumble and bumble through, in the first four years.

Enlightenment, Elections And The Consequences Of Obliviousness

The urgency surrounding ending the wars and the economic Depression of 2008 were at a crisis level all their own. Couple that with the PTSD-overload stressing the majority of American citizens and we see that the crushing disorientation of the 2001-2009 historical period was one of avoidable distress, heartache and devastation, caused by the single act of voting out of ignorance, instead of informed enlightenment. Those many millions of American’s who voted for Republican’s to this day, still don’t understand what they’ve done to their country, even as they watch it burn in parts, making no impact on their knowing or understanding, they saw clearly what had transpired, what the consequences were, but were still wholly unprepared as of 2010.

Meanwhile, the same game began to play out leading up to the 2010 Mid Term elections, as Republicans and the corporate media, began spinning wildly, tales of greatness, monumental achievements and over-blown assertions of wealth and prosperity for every American that this administration (of President Obama) could not and would not deliver. Yet, and while there were no facts, no history nor any supporting evidence, American either stayed away from the polls, or showed up, voting for the wrong ideological foundations, resulting in prolonged agony and suffering that would continue far longer than rationally acceptable.

Forgotten now, was just how combative, dysfunctional and remote was the conservative Republican administration of the last decade and how it contrasted with the self-secure, open, accessible and self-confident the Clinton administration was, and how we, as their confidants, were never out of the loop or left to fear whether or not we selected the right person for the job as President and if he was representing some or all of the American people, at any given time. This was the insecurity of the Bush II administration and one that would manifest itself time after time, during those years of uncertainty and disaster.

But how we could know any different is anyone guess. We were told, in typical Republican fashion, that all we had to do is trust them, that they would be tough on our enemies, never mentioning that they would be hard at work creating enemies in the meantime, to endanger us. That we would have jobs and prosperity and to trust their economic which would first, enrich the wealthy and then, by virtue of their kindness and beneficence, would trickle down a share to the rest of us, never explaining that human nature being what it is, we didn’t have to bother with the worries over honesty, fairness or dependability, all we needed to do is blindly trust and all would be well. But that was before the top secret Energy Task force, which had, as early as 2001, targeted Iraq for its oil reserves, unbeknownst to anyone other than oil and industry executives. Or that tax cuts would only be going to the very wealthiest American’s, leaving 10’s of millions of American’s to rely on the luck of the draw, on whether or not their fortunes would be as promising now, or in the future. The remaining time while in office produced this same uncertainty, even though promises and guarantees of wealth were oft-mentioned.

With this as the backdrop, President Barack Obama was full aware of what needed to be done, and that to get it done, it would take more than just chance, luck and wishful thinking. It would take determined grit, ambition, hard work and ruffling a few political feathers in the meantime, as this, being a crisis, would require sacrifice from every American – including the very wealthy and even corporations – now that they too were deemed legal persons and eligible to the very same treatment and benefits as natural human persons.

The American people understood this as well… or should have, at any rate. But in spite of all that had gone down the previous administration, it seemed we, as a nation, had had quite enough of fancy, overblown promises and pipe dreams. Then there came the Tea Party! A collection of disaffected, abused and beaten down older American’s, who came fully dressed in their prejudices, frustrations and angers, and were ready to put them full force, upon the object of their rage at being had and made fools of the previous eight years. Knowing that the crop of conservative candidates had not yet purged themselves of the science of deception and double-talk. Not that Republican candidates didn’t care – they simply were given orders on what to do otherwise. How they explained it was up to them.

In the years since, we now have come to know that not only were Republicans guilty of this half speak and double talk, but it was now a phenomenon that has so infected and overtaken the entirety of our political system, taking down our ability to be honest, prudent, fair, responsible and the significant other virtues traditionally associated with Democracy, that our Civic Cultural system is very nearly unrecognizable from its initial ambitions. Democrats as well, have suscummed to this same moral compromising to such a degree that we are at a point of equally being left adrift with no significant structure of government to respond the wishes and needs of the citizenry.

We can’t be sure of what the priority list was initially, but the economy being the number one issue confronting the nation made it imperative that jobs would be the number one precedence of the new administration. The question here should be why there was such a failure to project the vast the concept of the undeniable benefit of getting people back to work as quickly as possible and thereby getting out front of the haters in establishing an image and legacy – apart from the one Republican corporate media propaganda was trying to foretell early on.

The President, as a man, is an all-around good guy and nice, but a bit too much so. So it’s hard for him to come out and tell Republican’s that they’re crazy or demented when it comes to the priorities of the people – even though it would be perfectly appropriate! So regrettably, it’s hard for him to just come out and say …your plan sucks, it won’t work and I’m not going with that at all!…, as he’s afraid there may be bad blood between he, his administration and they (Republican’s). The thing he is failing to realize is that there’s already bad blood, by virtue of his race! Even in spite of continuing the same policies of his Republican conservative predecessor, conservatives still aren’t satisfied that President Obama has kept the same policies hostile to the environment, the poor and working class, retiree’s, Veterans, students in the Public K-12 systems – nation-wide, knowing that these policies didn’t work then, aren’t working now, nor will they ever, are a source of deep and continual frustration among many Americans!

Even as far as war policy and simply stumbling forward, blindly, President Obama was trying mightily to prove that conservative policies of rejecting intense, personal negotiations, from multiple angles and diverse caucuses, makes sense, when he was a witness to their endless failures, during the period of 2002 through 2007, when the so-called accords of withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq were being initially negotiated. Without plans for a power transition which kept all the parties of interest still equal, that even without a plan of succession, through elections, without a structured Civil Societal model from which they could refer to, or even build upon, that would, for all intents and purposes, have given citizens a say and a share in the continuous outcome, into perpetuity – meant that it was simply further failed attempt nowhere  – even to the point of futility.

New Heart, New Spirit, To A New America

But the crush of vexation over the years, felt by the American citizenry was too much to overcome by the second year of the Obama administration. This isn’t making excuses for the nations voters, but we were all so weary from the years prior (to those of the Obama administrations) of chaos and folly, that the citizenry most certainly felt their job was done and the necessity for detachment, decompression and just time away (from politics), was needed.

And so no one showed up, on the Liberal, Progressive and Independent sides, for the following and most critical election of 2016.  Was it therefore, the result of the insanity of conservatives propagandizing their failures and trying to magically twist facts to make the years of 2001 to 2008, just go away! And in the peoples minds, the years did, being the nightmare that they were – simply evaporate, as if a long agonizing, unending dream without end. Regrettably, the nightmare eventually became President Barack Obama’s to own!

This was a new experience and now, with the people having taken a breather too long and realizing that they erred in doing so, it again was time to make up for the loss of constructing a real government, with real and responsible representatives, with the real anticipation that positive results would come of the efforts from and by Liberal/Progressive and Independent (of the nations voting) majorities, for the House and Senate, to move the markers forward on behalf of education, jobs, peace, Health Care, science, technology, the environment and most critically, R&D into renewable energies, (to aid in the remediation of the Environment) and maintain programs that will develop a host of new practices and methods to not just quickly replace old, dirty and dangerous fossil fuels, but also ways of advancing civic culture, on the one hand, but also, civilization on the whole. That time had most definitely come and with this as the most vital election of the last decade, the American voter was charged with putting away the fairytales of old, and the make believe of alchemy and put faith back in the real, tried and proven Liberal/Progressive Democracy initiates that have traditionally put the nation back on track, after each crisis of our nations past.

Fighting through the propaganda, we’ve come to realize the toughest part of the last several years is overcoming the money influence of tax cuts to only the wealthiest and corporations, pouring back into the media and our political system, in essentially creating the lack of confidence and doubt necessary to stymie the ambitions of a broad and intensely integrated citizenry.

But we never believed that we were to be lorded over by a master, an elite, as in a tyrant king or master. The Constitution speaks of as much, in advising that, if we remain wise and true to our divine purpose, those authoritarian conditions would distinctly be the very thing to avoid. We simply just aren’t made this way! American’s are a special breed and the trials and turmoil experienced, only strengthened our steel and resolve, into a completely other and stronger alloy. The more we’re convinced we’re less, the harder we found to prove otherwise. An example being that  by the time President Franklin D. Roosevelt had taken office, the nation was already there. He simply embodied those ideals we already possessed, in marching to victory over the latest conservative-initiated disaster, which was inadvertently designed to unravel our Democracy.

From the very beginning, after the Native American wars, after the Civil War, after slavery and later, the war for Women’s rights, Human Rights, after the Nixon and Reagan and Bush debacles, and now again, after another calamity, following yet another conservative administration, we again had the hard work in helping our President and ourselves, by electing a Congress that loves the people as much as the Constitution and works day and night to make it work even better. That time – to come back to the place where we had previously met to celebrate the triumph of human civilization, over chaos, savagery and civic anarchy, in restoration of our People’s Democracy yet again, was at hand – as of the 2016 election…

But that was before November of 2016.  Now that we have seen the aftermath of tampering from foreign sources and the ability of money to manipulate our collective civic discourse, we again have decisions to make…


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