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Where this election will take the nation and the world is currently up in the air, but any and every subject it seems, revolves around Global Climate Change.  Whether we are yet aware of this as an important human and critical life-survival issues is up for debate, but lets ask the candidates?

What?  None have yet responded?  Don’t be so sure and by all means, let us ALL please pay attention, as if our collective future depends on it!  And oh yeah, it really does

As THIS is where the 2016 Presidential candidates’ discussions should be focusing on… it is instead heading in the very familiar territory of that same old and lately, all too common, silly, info-tainment, WWF-esque morass, where voters will, in one sense, be worn out by the non-sense and B.S. which had earlier, so guaranteed to excite and irritate the broad American public!

Because we’re trapped in the extortion racket of verbal fisticuffs which the energy crisis is focused since the advent of the Industrial Age, our junkie, dope-fiend-dependency on so-called cheap energy, has paralyzed our creative imagination from thinking, planning and creatively theorizing outside the confines of exactly what we are currently doing and can affirmatively achieve, in arresting the ominous advance of GCC (Global Climate Change, for the uninitiated).  Thus, we’ve allowed ourselves, our domestic Civic Culture and our very civilization, to be overtaken and blackmailed into thinking the only ways to produce, create, have & distribute cheap, affordable, clean & endless energy is… to remain shackled to current fossil fuel sources.

Every question being debated by every candidate in the running, in centered upon this one issue: how will we proceed to the future in a safe, mature & viable manner conducive to survival of life on planet Earth. Only Bernie Sanders has the courage & mature imagination to speak to this panoramic of imperatives for not only the human species, but all life on the planet. The real question is, do we, as American voters, have the maturity to take what he’s saying and embolden and empower ourselves in going where he will RESPONSIBLY lead – our society, our Democracy & human civilization, by virtue?

Taking for granted our leadership role, to borrow a phrase, on the world stage, we, as Americans, have the responsibility to help the world attain a more sustainable energy creation, production and consumption model, as we currently lead all of contemporary civilization in this regard.  And as we already have our marching orders, as to coordination of our Democracy overall, reading and continually re-acquainting ourselves with our foundational, civic roots, if we are to avert internal conflict, as well as helping in avoiding the external crisis of expanding Global Climate Change.

And by staying abreast of the issues, reading past and current literature, on every facet of being competent, able and virtuous citizens, we can’t possibly know where we need to lead – much less how!  But we have more than enough to get us, as a nation, up to speed, on how to approach our current crisis’ and how to get out elected leaders on board as we approach each election cycle.

Several books I’d recommend are noted here and should help, if in just the smallest regard, to bring our citizen-understanding to a point where we’re feeling confident enough to take seriously, our role as leaders or our Democracy.0621160935-00 - -ANDTHIS!

This seems and awfully assumptive and a tall stretch, considering the pressure on candidates of every political stripe, to kneel before the alter of the fossil fuel empire which, on the whole, rule in virtually complete autonomy from laws, regulations and even the recognition that life on the planet is doomed should we continue on our current path of fossil fuel dependency.

So what do we, as voters, plan to do in the face of such daunting threats?  That no one is discussing investments in renewable energy systems and/or sources and has put forward plans to those ends, does humanity a disservice.  But wait, here is where we’ve stopped listening if we don’t know about the Sanders plan to do just these things – at https://berniesanders.com/issues/climate-change/

What we expect from our government and Civil Society isn’t something we should leave to chance.  The very wealthiest among humanity have shown their temperment in terms of what they’re willing to gamble with, as well as what they impulsively value – in terms of material, verses more transcendent articles and entities which comprise greater importance to our collective existence.

Having lost focus as to the meaning and purpose of our Democracy is and has always been a major problem for humanity since our very first attempts to become – how should I say this – … civilized.  Having been through this too many times over the last 3,000 or more years, we should at least all be acquainted by now with the concepts of majority rules, advocacy of the common good, or not shitting in/upon one’s home, when that home is subject to general and/or common use of the public at large.  Not to mention future generations dependent on the same.

We have many considerations contemplate as election day fast approaches.  In the meantime, the Earth isn’t waiting for us to get our act together while we fiddle about over irrelevancies.  We only have one Earth and it is not about to wait for us to get our act together, while it slowly degenerates before our collective eyes.  As this is a Democracy and being dependent upon a collective voice of reason and authority, when will it be the right time for these questions to be answered?  Having fiddled about for several generations now, if we listen closely, we can actually hear our future ancestors yelling to us to think of what we need to do and do it FAST!!!


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