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Liberty’s Legacy

On the night of August 17, 2015, while walking, minding my own business, I found myself again surrounded by insect drones. Why they would be directed at me is the greater mystery, but my past blogs have detailed past incidents of which I’ve had to deal with being surveilled by they, as well as aerial drones, private security contractors, even local, county, state and more than likely, federal police agencies. The reason? I would be inclined to assume that it’s because of the subject matter of the majority of previous – and undoubtedly future blogs – but also the indisputable racist elements which have historically been pervasively common to the above mentioned law enforcement agencies. But I stray…CPT_0851 (2) - SSVStlkngBusStp1212151314-00 (2) - SSVStlkgMeijerLot

Walking along, I could hear these drones in the distance, then coming closer until they were in the shrubbery and trees flanking me, both left and right. The followed me, without question – and again – as mentioned previously, these are totally alien insect sounds than I’ve ever before heard, prior to the last two years with their appearance in the west Michigan area. And as I walked and with their following along, I decided to double back and reverse direction, to force them to follow in the opposite direction! They did just that and while not following immediately, they would follow me to a gas station, where another common appearance – a private security contractor would soon immediately appear (in a red late model Monte Carlo (license plate ID CMF8668) – which can be seen from surveillance video, pulling up as soon as I walked into the gas station (at the intersection where Schaffer street ends at 28th street).

Upon leaving the gas station, the insect drones would again begin tailing me, at which point, a block later, at 29th street and Schaffer – I was fed up with this childish display of pretending I didn’t notice I was being spied on, speaking to the drone operator – telling him he/they were psychopaths, for spending our tax dollars in such sick and deranged fashion and they should be ashamed collecting a check for spying on American citizens minding their own personal business… This must have stunned the operator(s), as the drones remained stationary for a few moments, as I walked about another block and a half, before they resumed the chase. This sad, sick event is how not only people of color, outspoken Democracy and Civil Society advocates, but also justice, law and order, as well as proponents of Constitutional rights of every type, spend their time – knowingly or not – being stalked by enemies of our Democracy and Constitutional system of governance. It doesn’t matter whether you believe these facts or not – this is the reality of American – post 9/11.0901162010-00-2-jstb4thsdroneandssvengagelnmoreillegalsurveillance

The Legacy Of Tyranny And A Society Demoralized

Regrettably, Americans have failed to appreciate the distance we have, as a nation, fallen in just the last 15 years.  Whereas in the 1990’s, we harnessed education, technology, economics and other essential elements of Civil Society, for the greater good of humanity, we now employ those same endeavors simply for spying, invading the personal privacy of individuals and criminalizing individual dissent, in both thought and speech.  Even now, on a broad scale, people have absolutely no idea what an insect drone are or that such even exists (see here – http://www.snopes.com/photos/technology/insectdrone.asp & here – http://www.cnn.com/2015/01/14/tech/mci-drone-robohawk-robofly/ &  here – http://www.rt.com/news/us-drones-swarms-274/)!  What they are used for is nothing short of monstrous.  Injections of poisons, infections and micro-machines; coming into peoples homes spying on their private, intimate business; tracking individuals – who aren’t criminals – for no apparent reason – but are unable to find real criminals nor prevent real crimes!  All of this, as an outgrowth of the frenzy of anti-terror initiatives, we had no such worries 16 years ago, as our government then, was of such a mature, expert and professional capacity that they knew it was not our business to have to worry over such things and did such a fine job keeping track of such threats – both domestic and foreign – that they didn’t need to bother and worry the public each time an event popped up on their radar.  Now such incidents are used to cause hysteria, in order to justify even greater violations of our liberties and freedoms, as in cases of suppressing the type of public, LEGAL dissent voiced on THESE PAGES!

Why else would I be hounded by law enforcement and private security contractors?  And as hard as it is to track an insect drone, aerial drones are a much easier creature to track. For instance, over this week alone, on Sunday, August 16, a drone modeled after a jet liner flew directly over my Church, in the Boston Square area of Kalamazoo Avenue and Boston streets. I’ve come to pay special attention to the skies as just these last several months have seen an uptick in drone activities, both day and night.

Monday, August 17, before and after (about) 8:24 am, a drone flew continually over the area of Godfrey Avenue and Chicago Drive. Just as I was leaving to catch the bus, conveniently. But don’t consider this something isolated or random, as radar traffic logged by the Gerald Ford (formerly Kent County) Airport, will prove. Again, on Saturday, August 15, at around 1:34, as I awaited the Number 6 (Cherry Street/Woodland Mall) bus, coming back again at 1:38 pm, just as the bus arrived, a drone continuously flew directly over the area of Breton Avenue and Elliot Street – the very bus stop I was occupied alone. As if that wasn’t enough, while visiting a friend from my Church, in the Worden/Kalamazoo Avenue area, the same drone again did continuous flyovers – directly overhead – at 3:03 pm and again, rounding back at 3:06 pm! Locating the owner of these drones will uncover their need to keep me under surveillance and subsequently, who it is that not only is pathologically obsessed with my movements, but what they’re doing with the information and why they feel the need to expose me to the various drugs I’ve been subjected to over the course of the course of years I’ve been kept ILLEGALLY under surveillance.

The legacy of the tyranny, which has its historical roots in the anti-Civil Rights crime-wave, the jim crow era, slavery and the period leading up to the American Revolution, is no different now, as the Bush-era tax cuts has given select individuals exclusive privileges to illegally intimidate, harass, pay off police and private contracting agencies, to suppress and impede the freedoms and liberties of countless Americans, with thoughtless impunity. Meanwhile, our cowardly, gutless, bitch-hearted elected officials stand back watching these horrors without so much as a courageous bone in their bodies to so much as investigate – which is their SWORN OFFICIAL DUTY as elected representatives – to find out why police agencies and private security contractors are likewise, harassing and intimidating law-abiding citizens for NO REASON than the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN or the fact that they’re outspoken advocates of an expanded, non—discerning and indiscriminate Democracy!1217151426-01 - StalkedByGRCCPD4-What (2)

But it doesn’t stop there! Women, the poor, working class Americans of every race and culture, are subjected to the same, without even so much as a breath of concern by our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES at the local, state and/or national levels. This, by no means, is the Democracy our ancestors fought and died for – to watch this current generation watch in cowardly grovelings, as the rich buy our peoples government – locking out the vast citizens majority!!! What an insult! What disrespect for the sacrifice given, all so it could be given back to tyrants – without even so much as a half-hearted attempt at resistance…

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