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Patriots Day

I stood across the street

From the Lightpost I

Hung my last post and

Watched the soldier snatch it down…


As he turned around

Looking my way

I held his gaze in what

Seemed an eternity


Swallowing hard, I was sure

He was coming for me,

To detain me, but he

Simply looked away


In shame…

It was Patriots Day…  July 4 ~

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A set of articles which just came to my attention, cover a subject I’ve kept at the forefront of much of my writing interests since beginning this blog five years ago, this past April. While effectively dismissed in much of the predominant corporate media, I was actually shocked to learn that these were articles in a local paper, but actually covered in the national magazine Forbes. While a good many American’s are all too anxious to blame President Barack Obama for the nations relatively lethargic economic performance of the last five years, the bulk of those critics have yet to speak out and bring attention to the realities of the President doing his best for all Americans – in theory – but failing those American’s hit hardest by what we should all by now agree upon, was a considerably significant economic Depression in 2008! But we defer instead, declining to use that description as well, for some odd reason, because we would then have to consider the origin of the policies from which the philosophy of supply-side economics derives.

In the series of articles, titled loosely Grand Rapids Ranks Low/Worst Economically For African-Americans, the language itself is rather deceptive in that it describes the conditions of an exclusive demographic, but fails to broaden the conversation at all, to include the rationale which has led to the circumstances by which an entire culture within American society has, over time, been the object of a seeming vendetta over the whole of their existence in this nation.

That may seem an overly dramatic descriptive, but think for a minute about the present circumstances of African Americans in the nation? Then, go back another generation and try to determine what the circumstances were at that time. Going back another generation, which takes us back to the 1960’s, then back another generation, we begin to see patterns of crisis after upheavals after devastations, which have no rationale or pattern, but all seem be distinctively aimed at harming an entire race of people. But by all means, don’t bother taking my word for it – there was a very brief time during the 1970’s, when the nation seemed on the verge of reconciling the past injuries to African American’s, with legal remedies, only to then, abruptly declare that no corrections or improvements were required afterall!

Even at this moment as I type these words, by computer, in the lab at Grand Valley State University, is under a hack-attack, because I’ve researched and Googled a vast array of similar subjects, putting together the actual facts of what we’re missing in having this conversation mediated by corporate media, versus having a real conversation, which includes the foundational component of racism as a root cause of the affliction of a people and terror upon an individual (ME!) engaged in the simple exercise of gathering knowledge and speaking it (in written form) freely here, on my blog. Oh – per my Constitutional Right to read, think, speak and write as freely as I please.

Consistently, each time I enter into controversial domains, my on-line access starts going haywire. And people wonder why non-Whites seem to have such a hard go at life in the Grand Rapids area? Might the lowly economic plight of the majority of African-American’s truly be vendetta against the race itself, as a means of keeping a measure of mental and/or psychological control, through the initiative of economics? This is the problem, as stated in the error box…


A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.


Problem signature:

Problem Event Name:                        AppHangB1

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Application Timestamp:                     00000000

Hang Signature:                                  91c8

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Read our privacy statement online:



If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:


… as I awaited the problem to correct itself. I operate with interacting windows each time I use this or any other computer system and the university computer network – more so than any other – should be able to accommodate such a simple demand on such a vast network operated by one of the major universities in the nation – perhaps on the entire planet! But I digress…


This is chronic, habitual and on-going, each time I begin typing essays for my blog. Some would say, stop using the Schools’ computer labs then! But wait! I don’t have a job! Or money! Nor a home! Nor the ability to access the freedom to obtain such things, via my own economic mobility rights as an educated, free rightfully legal American! The punitive weapons of racism have fallen hard upon me, all for the single reason of simply exercising my Constitutional Rights of not just thinking freely, but SPEAKING FREELY! This essentially is harassment at it worse and elemental racism without a doubt! Why else would a male of color, be locked out of the access of work, education and free exercise of being and living as he pleases? All within the LEGAL boundaries of our nation’s social systems – which a White male of similar circumstances would not have to endure!

The Terror Of Truth, Free Speech And Independent Thought

There are obviously some inconsistencies with our legal and economic systems, if we can’t seem to align them to such a degree that all Americans can freely access them. Why is that? We have clearly articulated goals and obligations to define and then to guide our Civic Culture to the place where we can cease wondering whether there is enough liberty, freedom and access-equality for every American, without fearing there won’t be enough for any American at some future point. It appears that economics is at issue, making us fret over the proposition that some American’s are in fact more free, more equal and therefore, more deserving of the lion’s share of benefits our Democracy has to offer – by virtue of an income and wealth advantage, that allows some to be able to afford a greater degree of access and benefits than other Americans of lesser means. And yet this was a condition that was never suppose to have come to be, over the lifetime of our nations Democracy.


once upon a time, there was this concept called ‘Affirmative Action’ which, as the name implies, was a means of rectifying & if nothing else, equatizing past traditions & current legacies of racisms’ horrific culture – from the individual to the institutional standards. Then, nearly 40 years ago, the backlash which emerged & with covert implications, that ‘equity’ had been realized, all was ‘good’ in America signaled that just like that & in the proverbial ‘blink of an eye,’ racism was no more!!! Of course that was never true by any stretch of the imagination & in fact, things, as was during the case w/Reconstruction & again, the ‘horrific years’ of jim crow to follow, things would get worse & continue downward. My own experience as a writer (rustacus21@wordpress.com) shows just how racist & vile the atmosphere actually is w/non-White individuals daring to bring up any incidents or experiences even remotely relative to our racist over-culture & who pay the price dearly for such an ‘outrage.’ Being trapped in poverty now, in spite of having double Associates Degrees (Liberal Arts & Business Administration) & stuck in process & denied access to the road of completion of my Bachelors (in Lib Studies – in anticipation of using my Environmental Studies Minor as a spring-board to Law School for a Juris Doctorate in Environmental Law), is the punitive initiative for a non-White as myself, for not knowing ‘my place’ & daring exercise my Fourth & Fourteenth Amendment Rights as a normal, regular American, in the role of activist in the ‘public square’ of debate & conversation that the predominant media chronically shies from. Now, after an entire life being crime free, one wonders what to make of my being stalked NOW, by the GRPD – INCESSANTLY & for what? My FOIA request has yet to be answered, but it’s more than likely related to the topic of this article, in the relative sense of the expectation of timidity from non-Whites – specifically African-American’s – who sometimes forget that America is only, in reality, a ‘CONDITIONAL’ concept at best, using Grand Rapids specifically & Western Michigan racial norms generally, as an example.

In other words, the decision to halt ‘Affirmative Action’ was obviously flawed & based upon racism remaining entrenched as an institutional fire-wall in maintaining racist, patriarchal inequality. This phenomenon, the income leap for White males/families which too, has graphed upwards, even as economic & wealth mobility for all other non-Whites has actually crashed in near equal proportion, over the last 25 years.

Over the past three centuries, the ability of non-Whites to obtain an education comparable to Whites, or even at ALL, is a relatively recent occurrence. It was not until after slavery was outlawed was the education of non-Whites made legal: but jim crow laws still ruled whether it was acceptable – despite whatever legalities were in place in communities across the nation – north, south, east or west.

Supposedly the great equalizer, education was considered to be the single greatest dynamic expected to abolish income and wealth inequality. From the graph above, we can see this is an impossible ambition to achieve when employment protections and on-the-job enforcements of wage-equatization decrees (or Affirmative Action), made it illegal discriminate against comparably educated non-Whites and Women. Then, as challenges to Affirmative Action laws grew in popularity, we would witness the backlash against wage and income equivalence, by race, gender and cultural legacies (i.e., White with impoverished backgrounds, vs. those of legacy wealth backgrounds). Poor and moderate-income Whites suddenly saw no problem with the striking down of regulations and laws forcing across the board compensation among all other workers, to be on par with White Men – even if it would mean that comparably educated and experienced White Men of formerly impoverished backgrounds would likewise benefit from such laws!

Where this gets even more fascinating and especially with all of the focus of late being on the problems males of color present for society, in terms of broad income, education, crime and incarceration statistics, it would seem an enormous benefit finding a male of color, without a police record, educated and in pursuit of additional scholastic opportunities and degree ambitions, being expelled from the very university he had planned to graduate from! But this is the very thing that happened to me, as earlier this month, campus security at Grand Valley State University, joined Grand Rapids Police, as well as Grand Rapids Community College, in advising that I would – no, I must be arrested for trespassing, should I come back on campus before a yet to be determined period. Not for a crime of any sort. And even though I reported being assaulted (by unknown chemical agents, as reported in previous blogs) by identified suspects, and with no action taken by either G.R. Police nor GVSU campus security, I am the one accused of being a threat! In every case, no violation of law, guideline of custom had taken place (on my part). All that was mentioned was some vague accusation by every above mentioned agency, that is more punitive than representative of anything even remotely criminal.

As mentioned, these were practices of decades and centuries past, in order to punish non-White males for having the courage to believe, think and speak independently and freely, against the White male power structure, steeped in injustice and inequality and habitually brutalizes and oppresses the poor, non-Whites and non-males, as a means of maintaining their patriarchal dominance. This is not a written policy or regulation of any police department of institution of learning and yet, this is the same oppressive racism from ages past, that kept and continues to keep males of color from achieving the American dream of securing life, liberty and free, uninhibited pursuit of happiness, promised all American citizens!

Having this conversation, in coming to the realization that racism is just as pervasive now than it has always been, is an affront to the sensibilities of all intelligent people and the foundations of our nations Democracy.  Being instead intimidated from using apt or appropriate terminology means were terrorizing ourselves, by restricting the honesty of which is required by rational, mature adults, in being able to determine the truth of the world we exist within.  Looking even deeper, it’s even more obvious this the reason the term ‘Racism’ was excluded from mention in any of the articles’ by-lines, deferring instead, to the ‘economic’ or ‘income’ or even ‘racial’ inequalities, which distinctly equates to the very same thing, no matter the terminology used.  Freeing ourselves of the dominance of White-male patriarchy is imperative in freeing our society from the vast imbalances plaguing the ability of the rest of the nation from enjoying the Constitutional and legal means of accessing equality, justice, freedom and the unrestricted ability to, if nothing else, openly discuss what it means to be liberated from the curse of racial, gender and socio-economic biases – by an insecure, tiny and by all intents and purposes, insignificant segment of our vast society.  Certainly, an interesting debate that is far too overdue…

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