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Obviously, there’s something gone wrong in the life of our nation that is causing such distress among so many, who now feel so uncomfortable speaking, writing, even thinking freely and stating their opinion in a carefree manner. Some may be inclined to say whatever it is, it’s going to get better on its own.  Or they could be simply and emphatically wrong.  Either way, discussion of such infuriations is far more than just symbolic banter of those with overactive imaginations.  But my suggestion is that you – reader – be the judge…

In the five years (or at least that I’m aware of) that I’ve been spied on, that my every residence (my own and that of hosts) has/have been unlawfully in violated and thus, breached and therefore, desecrated by law, that agents of unknown organizations and/or bureaus (either government or private corporations) have been searching, seeking and planting means which would justify my being arrested, they have, instead, produced not a single , solitary, specific, general or even vague shred of evidence to justify my being placed under surveillance! In other words, what has instead been compiled, uncovered and discovered, in the five years of my being spied on, in every conceivable and without a doubt, illegal manner, has been that there is no reason, no justification, for my being illegally – unreasonably so in fact – spied on, these last five years or longer! NOTHING!!!

Yet, individuals have been paid to continue spying on me, drugging me, attempting to provoke anger and even violence (from me) – even going so far as to induce conditions that would make lesser individuals break under such pressures – all covertly administered and acted out, to undeniably determine, finally, a reason to arrest me! After all, there would have to be justification for the many years spent in exercise of ILLEGALLY employing completely warrantless spying, that something – ANYTHING – must eventually be proven, that I AM actually engaged in something – ANYTHING – illegal!

At this point, I must direct the reader’s attention to the historically and deeply embedded racist element within American law enforcement, which drives initiatives of this sort, beyond the boundaries of rationality. The problem being faced here is that Congress and the nations courts have been both reluctant and outright dismayed at the necessity to impartially administer the nation’s laws in a uniform, impartial routine which would then become the routine of which the nation would follow.

Congress has seen and understood for years, the stark disparities in the administration of law, with absolutely no guidance from the courts – who are ultimately the voice of balance and reason, in deciding on both disputes and disparities related to questions of law and legislative assessments. The period preceding 9/11 has only compounded subsequent issues over restrictions on rights and liberties of ALL Americans equally, and the distinctions already entrenched in the legal system, that finds non-White Americans at a distinct initial disadvantage – but now, even more so in the aftermath of the most horrific loss of American tragedy on American soil, in our nation’s history.

Without a clearer plan of how to move forward in the aftermath of 9/11, racism has continued to taint the already unequal distribution those societal benefits dispersed, not on the basis of birthright, but rather, by way of gender, race and patriarchal correlation. But by then (September of 2001), history was already demanding we confront some of our most basic, fundamental moral and legal questions, supposedly answered by and through philosophies of which our democratic Republic was built. A Democracy which, in its inception, had enticed us along the path of principles and virtue and which ultimately began to define, as was written by David Hume, around the mid-eighteenth century, in his Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding, whether or not we have – as a nation – then or now, the discipline or the capacity to know the difference and value of being regulated by our virtues or our vices?

Hume’s death in 1776 meant that he would not have the satisfaction of actually watching as his own moral philosophical debates played out in real time here in America during our Revolution for Independence – let alone being able to engage directly in the debates themselves – with those of whom he influenced most and the by-product of which turned out to be our own Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Bill of Rights. In fact, the Federalist Papers, as the foundation of the support necessary for eventual passage of the Constitution, was built in part, on Hume’s arguments for a national government based on equality, justice, opportunity and the liberty of all to fully realize the benefits and blessings of how our combined labors contribute to a higher standard of living AND learning. How it came about that we’ve now forgotten the urgency of those same words and philosophies of Jefferson, Adams and Jay – inspired by Hume (among other many others), that we have in fact, fallen so low as to have completely misread who we are as a nation, that some among us would be content with having a hand in our own destruction, rather than lending a hand to another, in the building up of our nation. David Hume said it best in the chapter titled Of the Different Species of Philosophy, as he spoke to future generations instrumental in the construction of Civil Society, when he speculated on the narrow bonds of human understanding. Without taking the time go deep, we miss Hume’s challenge to, as the philosopher encouraged, to be deterred by no difficulty – and to continue pushing through complex subject matter. This goes for the very difficult subjects of race, culture and human interaction. Our very first American generation got this and tried to embrace it with a ferocious zeal. Maturity too, is a fundamental part of learning. This is the part of America that not all American’s get completely. And sometimes we have to go back to our roots in order to get a better understanding of things that are too complicated to learn the first time around…

Education, Idealism And The ‘Populist’ Imperative

Something obviously went wrong in our journey from our very first, to this current American generation – that if we’ve lost our way, from a society based on law, order, equality, uninhibited and unrestrained opportunities, to that of a lawless, brutal and savage society, that now rebukes learning, education, wisdom and tolerance. We can, without a doubt agree, that this was not a completely unanticipated development. In both public and private correspondence between all of the authors of the nation’s founding documents, there is the common thread of the understanding for the need of a solid educational foundation for the nation’s youth, in order to grow a citizenry with the proper understanding of how and why we are able to enjoy and maintain a solid Republic with a common core of knowledge of Civil Society as its base. That we would lose our way if we concentrated more our vices, self, personal gain and the segregation of American’s into the few, with extreme advantages and those not only without opportunities, but by prevailing, unspoken law, are denied any access what so ever!

Now, in this current age, can we understand, much less answer the question, if our way has fallen so to vices, what must be done to reverse the trend, if we ever hope to be lifted back up to a state of virtue? And even as while we’re continually informed of new revelations by the most significant whistleblower-disclosure since the Pentagon Papers, COINTELPRO, or the leaking of information that there was in fact, no justification for either the Afghanistan or Iraq wars, the release of yet more information from former National Security Agency analysis Edward Snowden, confirms all the more, the repressive nature of illegal, warrantless and completely unrestrained surveillance on ALL American’s, continues, unabated. Spying that covers everything from electronic to physical to actual warrantless home invasions, to drugging and poisoning of targets deemed critical to maintaining the complete hush of discussion and/or debate over the entire subject. And while this was not his area of expertise, the Snowden revelations have relentlessly and unquestionably told us that there is nothing beneath the these secret efforts to know what is being thought, said written and read by American’s determined to reclaim the freedom of their privacy and associations, as well as access to and control over the activities of OUR government – in EVERY capacity!

Mentoring A Just Future For America And The World

In the same way it helped nurture our nation’s founding generation, the architects of our nations founding documents hoped we would study, contemplate, learn from and edify all future generations therefrom, the very best theories, practices and ways ways forward and towards a complete and comprehensive Democracy – eventually. Hume, as well as our nations great institutional architects, were well acquainted with and fully versed in the structure of Republican-based governance. Not in the sense we assume to be associated with modern day conservative, contradictory republicanism, but as described in the Thomas Pangle book, published in 1992, The Ennobling Of Democracy, where the quality of citizenship, as well as policy construction, is completely dependent upon the ability of both citizen and representative to grasp and achieve fully, obedience to the rule of law. The exact opposite has continually been the manner of conservative representatives, since the administration of Lyndon Johnson, following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Having turned the law on its head and turned government from the domain of the people, into a secret tabernacle from hell, there has been nothing but consistently contrived methods and means of prosecuting – through persecution – those who think far more highly, seriously and far more deeply, of the way of life we call Democracy.

And while our Democracy means different things to different American’s, a nation of innocents now hang in the balance…

Next: exploring what American’s don’t know and how revelations of the secret nature of our now, secret government can set us ALL free to order a new American imperative, from race to representative governance to uplifting the importance of our physical world…


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