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It’s comical to see the hatred exacted against the Clinton’s still to this day, over something so immature and childish as jealousy! What is also more than obvious is that as President, Bill Clinton was the very best Chief Executive and Hillary, the very BEST First Lady we’d had in many, many years, with the way the both of them emmersed themselves into our Civic Culture, expanding not only ours but the Democracy prospects for the entirety of all HUMANITY! That was some feat, when considering that before and since, the nation was never so successfully ambitious, enlarging our peace, prosperity, technology and every other measure of Civil Society, single handedly (at the administrative level) retooling our society for a national and global success margin, that was poised to continue expanding for at least the next five to seven decades. But the nations citizenry lacked the most urgent component that could have – would have – made this come about: FAITH!

Obviously, former President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton were and remain, consummate geniuses in the realm of American Democracy. In fact, they made it so easy, with an expertise that was so extensive, that in just that short eight years, the global environment – civilizational and natural – went from dire distress to recovery to prosperity, thriving and achieving at unprecedented levels and by any and every measure imaginable!

With the most important markers being war and jobs, the nation achieved success in both avoiding war and creating jobs without war, to the degree that not a single American soldier was lost in battle (declared or otherwise) during the whole of the Clinton term. Conversely, in just two short years, the basic and elementary economic initiative – ensuring that ALL AMERICAN’S were paying their fair share of taxes, was a boon for the U.S. treasury and became the new paradigm by which to measure the success of governmental fiscal and economic accountability and responsible administrative accomplishments of the goals and purposes of our Constitutional, citizen-command Democracy.

Not everyone appreciated this wonderful success story however. And this is where the absolutely despicable hate-initiative was born, as just when it looked as if the nation was on the cusp of greatness, the enterprise of ruin was unleashed against the Clinton Administration, which took away from the greatness being achieved – but also and more importantly – an excellence that was unlimited for the foreseeable future.

But the steady and unwavering faith in God and our Democracy is the sole reason the Clintons and their administration were so success. Under constant attack from the very beginning, the American people failed to call Republicans, wavering Democrats and the predominant corporate media outlets, to task for attacking a brand new President, on the job just two short years, right in the midst of a crisis unseen over the last 65 years! And again, Republicans had the select misfortune of presiding again over the worst economic performance, as well as diplomatic misadventures ever in the history of the nation – up to that point. But still, the Clinton administration labored on for the American people and built up success after achievement after advances unseen ever in the history of our Republic.

This was a wake-up call that American’s – particularly our then-Vice President Al Gore, missed and contributed to the downfall not just of the Clinton-Gore legacy, but the nation as a whole and then extending globally. We can debate this into perpetuity, but the 2000 election was Vice President Gore’s to lose and lose he did, by not embracing the immaculate accomplishments garnered not by the Clinton-Gore administration, but by the American people! Today, we still miss the point of what that all meant and are near ruin for it. But we still have a faith and a Civic Culture that cultivated by and through our Democracy, that has the benefit of bringing us up and out of the hell the nation and globe are currently stuck in. Whether we believe or not will dictate when we shall return to that level of greatness again…

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Last week, the Grand Rapids and Kentwood Police Departments received Freedom Of Information Act requests from my attorneys, as to why they have me under surveillance and who they are sharing information (both to and from) with, in the process of tracking my movements throughout town. Now, of course, these two (among several in the area) law enforcement agencies don’t have the resources to undertake such an endeavor – as I have absolutely no intention on making it any easier for them in the least. Thus, the demand that they disclose who else they’re sharing this information with.

Having known for at least the last four years that I’m being watched by the police locally, it wasn’t until I began piecing together the fact that not only am I being surveilled and the privacy of my own (former) home and the homes of family members and places I was boarding/renting YPWJ-HoledOutScreen0618141447-01 (when I moved here during the first part of June, 2014, there was no hole in this screen; soon after, with the hole came an infestation of those same small biting bugs noted in earlier blogs.  Bugs that had not been there before!!!) have like wise been, but I’ve been slipped drugs that would both, degrade my cognitive functioning and drive me to episodes emotional volatility and of uncontrollable outbursts of violence. I know this because as is their custom, I was required to submit a routine, random drug test while living at a men’s homeless shelter, where it was discovered – very much by accident – that I had a substance called Benzodiazepine in my urine!  And as also stated, I wasn’t prescribed this drug (and with no job nor inclination to seek drugs of any kind on the local black market – a fact of which the police and spy-contractors would have known – means they were ingested/absorbed by some other means, without my knowledge).

The very next day, I would try to confirm with my physician, through a blood test (which is more reliable than a urine screening), the presence of this mysterious substance. But something quite unexpected happened.  Instead of meeting with my regular personal doctor, I was scheduled with a medical resident – a Dr. Campbell – who looked every bit of a former soldier with the U.S. military – a military contractor, if you will – whom I asked about the literature I left, with instructions to be sure to check for the above mentioned, unprescribed drug.  He then told me that the information that I had googled (see here – http://www.drugs.com/article/benzodiazepines.html) and gave to the nurse who took my blood sample two weeks prior (for inclusion to my regular physical – which included blood work), was never passed on and therefore, could not be determined whether I had any such a drug in my system on November 6, 2013!  By the time of my appointment, on November 26 however, I knew what I had suspected since the previous year, when I had experienced an episode of cognitive impairment (which by class time in late June, 2012) that was so intense, I was completely unable to not only take notes, but also that my incapacity prevented my ability to even comprehend any part of the lecture in my Introduction To European Civilizations class!  Without a doubt, I was certain I had been drugged!  A condition which followed my eating breakfast at my home (I was too poor to afford to take-0ut).  A condition, which I’ve stated before, ceased once I stopped leaving left-overs or extra food in my apartment!  Knowing this, those trying to drug me were forced to change tactics – thus the spraying of substance with the same effects…

Imagine this happening  to you?  It’s of no consequence – generally – events such as this, happening to someone else.  The thoroughly illegal, warrantless, pointless, ceaseless surveillance, without reason, provocation, substance or even a single clue – other than having an opposing ideological stance as… whomever, having taken childish offense to what I’ve said, or written here.  One would think modern Americans are certainly mature enough by now, to be able to withstand a differing of opinions, to the point that a disagreement over thoughts, realities or understandings thereof, could do so without losing one’s mind?  Never mind that what I say, write and/or think is complete truth unequivocally – that those in law enforcement being in fact, incapable of having their ideologies, opinions or thoughts – on a PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL, NON-PERSONAL LEVEL, without taking such offense?  Or does this mean that there are those outside the official police chain of command pulling the strings here, directing and initiating the endeavor of ILLEGALLY SPYING on an INNOCENT, law-abiding, crime-free (ME! in FACT…) American?

What this says is that secret, illegal, warrantless spying – in my case, among many others, I’m certain – has gone from an act of simply observational violation of my rights to be let alone, to actual physical assault – using drugs as weapons!  Without even the slightest hint of reasonable suspicion – much less even far less probable cause, there is no legal or even substantial reasoning that if my particular case were to be brought before a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Foreign_Intelligence_Surveillance_Court) judge, it would be thrown out immediately and those conducting it held up on charges and jailed and/or fined!  But the drugging attacks are a completely other matter.  The fact that my rights are being so completely violated is classic, historical racism at its core.  But the violence of covert drugging is essentially a slow-motion, modern day lynching, to insure I eventually no longer possess the mind to engage in these types of Civic endeavors.  While those I’ve mentioned this to have rejected my contention of being drugged coming as no surprise, the real denial is in the dismissing our history of the Tuskeegee syphilis experiments, or the earlier, inhumane experiments of J. Marion Sims on African-American slave women (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unethical_human_experimentation_in_the_United_States), following a routine pattern of treating the health – the lives in fact – of non-whites with the utmost of contempt.

And so, while I am the most physically fit individual of any person my age, I’m regularly told I’m wrong and I don’t know my body enough to know when it’s reacting to a foreign or unfamiliar substance encountered, as if it is by their words that I require validation to be and stay in tune with my own body.  However, I know this with absolute certainty, since the onset of reactions occurring just after taking pictures of the very people violating my private space.  The person here 0401151704-00-1-StalkedAtDeVos is but one of about SEVEN tag-team assailants – both men and women – going out of their way to a spot far enough away from regular traffic, to make it obvious they wanted to get near enough to me to expose me to substances of some sort, that causes negative physical responses in me.  That in itself is good enough for me to make the judgement that these people mean to harm me!!!  No validation required!  But why, some will inevitably ask? Who am I, that as just some anonymous, unknown writer, not using his real name, would someone seek me out from among 10’s of thousands of people here in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area? A good question, not easily answered in very conservative, patriarchically-dominated western Michigan…

Bumbling Baffoonery Or Grand Master Plan Of Destruction?

In 1962, an insane plan to fake a national emergency, which would result in the complete shut down our nations Democracy was introduced to the Kennedy White House. Not many people today know of this kooky plan (http://io9.com/5838778/operation-northwoods-the-1960s-government-plan-to-fake-terrorist-attacks-on-the-us and http://poultryandspirits.blogspot.com/2009/02/operation-northwoods-prototype-for-911.html) and while I mentioned it in previous blogs, the gravity escaped even myself, as I didn’t piece together the logistics of how its rejection in 1962 may actually have ties to every tragedy that has befallen the nation since, culminating in the horrors of 9/11.

As a man of color, these are not subjects I’m supposed to be discussing, adding a hue of racism in the mix. The bloody repression of the Civil (Human-proper) Rights movements’ and anti-war activists of the 1960’s and early ‘70’s are a prime example of the lengths the FBI, in conjunction with local law enforcement had gone, to shut down LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED activities by citizens in exercise of their rights to disagree and disobey derelict and unjust government actions.

If anyone wonders why, during this same period, Civics Education was halted in the nations Public School systems, here is your answer! Then, fast-forwarding to the present, when I began attending school here at Grand Valley State University, my training and education in Liberal Studies (my major, with a minor in Environmental Studies) was so comprehensive and complete, that I began this blog not more than two weeks into my very first semester here! But I stray. I was a believer. I trusted. I assumed that the Constitution was vital enough to prevent illegalities from obstructing my privacy and free speech rights, not to mention my ability to access my person freedom and pursuit of happiness – as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. In other words, my inability to get a job is and has been directly tied to this vendetta against me that has been carried out these last FIVE YEARS – the entire period my blog has been active!

So, as I imposed the conversation upon readers to look deeper into the bumbling, stumbling buffoonery of the Bush administration, those who though it beyond patriarchal White-male tolerance, to allow me to continue speaking such heresies, decided to put an end to it in the most inconspicuous ways possible. But it was already too late. There were Americans – of which I was one of many – who had already put together the treachery behind tax cut to only the wealthy, remove every regulatory barrier on big business, applied by big government and of course, find a way to deploy an incarnation of Operation Northwoods. The rest would take care of itself, by the time 2008 rolled around and the 89% of unwealthy Americans were so burdened by economic distresses of every form and fashion, we all would be in no condition to even think about trying to contest the destruction of our Democracy and Civic Culture – already well underway by 2009.

But by 2010, I, like many millions of other Americans, still had hope that we could still recover and make a way back to at least a semblance of a citizen-owned and controlled Democracy. I for one, saw this as my duty. I had accumulated so much knowledge by then, I felt it an obligation to share and help enlighten where I could and uplift the spirits of those still deeply hopeless and dejected that it was already too late. But on I treked…

The Menace Of The Corporate Take-Over Of OUR Government

Citizens United was but the last brick in the walling off of our Democracy from its citizenry. The control we thought we had was rudely disrupted by 2011, when not a single politician in national, state or local office, dared act, vote or even think independently of the money that, by then, had firm control of our entire Civic Culture and government. This went for even the militarization of our police forces and the suspension of the normal way of conducting law enforcement. My being under surveillance is about as mad a circumstance as it can be. I have never committed a crime in my life!!! (unless counting a drunk driving conviction in 2003)… My ambition is to become an Environmental Attorney, after completion of my Liberal Studies Bachelors. But as I so eloquently stated in one of my previous blogs, there are those in this nation who have determined to not see one more damn nigger lawyer in this country, if they can help it. I am determined to prove them wrong on BOTH counts.  As an American, my determination, my God given and Constitutional RIGHTS are to defend what is mine, and in the process, protecting what belongs to us all, that is now in grave jeopardy.

The surveillance I’m subjected to is so all encompassing, the attacks with drugs, so insidious, so secretive, no one else would be able to put any of this together by any means.  And yet, today is but one example of attacks I’ve had to dodge, over the last several years. On January 3 of this year, while at Woodland Mall (one of the largest local malls in the Grand Rapids area), a woman did the same thing – came close by me 0110151629-00-AssailantInWhiteSweater, slowly inching her way closer, and once she was within about a foot, raised her arm and pointed something in my direction, towards the window just behind me (I immediately stood and moved away, as seen from the vantage point away and to the the left of where I had been sitting).  Thinking it extremely bizarre that she would do this was what prompted me to take the picture.  The woman in white is the perpetrator). Then, within about five minutes, I began feeling those distressing sensations again, as described above.  So, not only did I have her picture, but the entire incident was captured on surveillance video!  At that point, I informed Mall security who then called a (Kentwood) police officer who was on the ready and quickly informed me there was nothing he intended to do about it nor could I! This was a perfectly designed provocation in other words, to force me to lose it and, I don’t know… attack the woman? Become unruly and disruptive, so there was no choice but to arrest me? At one of my last jobs, the exact same thing occurred.  A supervisor kept trying to pick a fight and I told her I understood what she was trying to do but I wasn’t going to argue with her!

On the job before that, November 1 and again on the 9th, I was confronted with contractors or plain-cloths cops, stalking me in my work place! It shows clearly, on November 9, several individuals circling around where I was working, in different aisles in a local D&W supermarket. I intentionally maneuvered them close to surveillance cameras so that their actions would be captured while stalking me, then, when I went to the very front of the store where the four to six individuals were exposed in an open area. The magic of video surveillance is that as they left, the vehicles they were in could be traced and their identities determined! But not so fast! Grand Rapids Police Department was not so anxious to even attempt to discover if these were one of theirs or ex-military in the employ of private contractors.

On many occasions, they themselves engaged in direct and unambiguous surveillance. While waiting for a bus YPWJ-3MinsFromHomeAnd0619140922-00  YPWJ-SurveilledAgain5MinsFrmHm0620141102-00  YPWJ-0922141022-00-BeingSurveilledByGRPDAtBusStop  0309152253-00-ConcealedBhindWallUpRampPoliceSuddenlyAtBusStop, leaving the bus 0215151651-01-StalkedByGRPDToBusStop, going to and from home, stores YPWJ-SurveilledAgainAndAgain0620141452-00, even relaxing in secluded places one would never even think a police car could go! So between contractors 0212151925-00-StalkersOnPatrolAtSchool(GVSU), who seem to just be aimlessly wandering about, 0215151651-00-StalkerReportingToGRPDMyExit, on buses, in stores, tagging about, just in case (as happened this past weekend at Kirspy Kreame, with these two YPWJ-0328150759-00-StalkerRodePastDriveThruTo...Spy... guys (this one rode by the drive, then inside for coffee…?) just aimlessly wandering, getting no free donuts YPWJ-0328150800-00-StalkedAtKrspyKrmByAimlessSpy..., just coincidentally wandering –– both simultaneously… the second of which YPWJ-0328150803-00-...AimlessStalkerSpyAndHisTrck in this SUV which rides endlessly by me on many other occasions) and the police, there is a ready presence to apprehend me, even if I think about committing a crime of any type! But why? Ask yourself, why are so many men and boys of color in prisons nation-wide?  Is this how it happens?  Being stalked – whether having a criminal record or not? I expect to be an attorney by the time my schooling is complete! Do I really have time or the desire for criminality?  Seems some really hope my path is heading that way – with their help in keeping me jobless and penniless in the meantime!  Otherwise, there’s no other explanation for the profiled presumption counter to my actual worth – according to the police and contractor presence around me, around the clock, unconcerned that with each act, they themselves are further down the road of criminality and illegal rights suppression and violations themselves.

In the same week that the FOIA request was received by the two local police agencies, my computer network access had gone haywire! Last Wednesday, March 25, while trying to type up a commemorative piece in celebration of blogging for five years, my log-on was suddenly disrupted! Abruptly cut! I didn’t even get a chance to save the little bit I had and what I remember is contained here in parts. What this confirms is that with secret government and secret police operations, the opportunity for abuse escalates 100 fold. But isn’t this the reason our Democracy was created in the first place?  To avoid this type of madness, abuses and the re-introduction of feudal societies, rife with neglect, want and barbaric, inhuman hostilities – not against the ones imposing such savagery upon WE THE PEOPLE, but we the people, against OURSELVES!

Was not the warning loud enough?  Was it not sounded from the very beginning of the process (the Declaration of Independence) and at the very end, with the Federalist Papers making the case for ratification, that we were a better nation regulating the power of the wealthy, corporations and factional interests, in favor of the better alternative of citizen-owned, controlled and operated, by the American people? Is this the conversation of a criminal or a terrorist? To advocate for universal liberty, universal equality? Universal justice? These have been the subject of every single blog I published! Who could even imagine any word, suggestion or inference in any post I’ve ever created, to be even remotely illegal or even lawless?  Unsure of why I even do this now, there seem to be very few Americans who can actually grasp the nature of what is going on here!

Recently, a judge declared that NSA secret spying being Constitutional, or not, but dismissed the complaint in the case of Jewel v. NSA, of whom AT&T was a party to, for gathering customer internet information, for the National Security Agency, in which their internet traffic was routed to secret locations for warrantless review and analysis.  As such, with this being the reason the law was fixed in 2007, disclosure before a FISA court judge is even more out of reach for victims of warrantless intrusions of their privacy, left now even more to the discretion of whichever violating spy agency deciding to do so.  Private contracting corporations have rigged the rules of the game, with the purchasing of our elected representatives and creating their own brand of shield laws, keeping them out of reach of normal and necessary regulation.  Once discovery is made, it inevitably is uncovered that the years of being spied upon, being surveilled, were all baseless and as well, an obscene criminal violation of Constitutional rights of living otherwise, life without illegal intrusions, intimidation, harassment and attacks by unknown assailants.  The undue burden of poverty being the core issue here, is seen across my exclusive demographic and has remained unaddressed so far, in spite of my more than obvious intention of becoming what the Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees every American – the RIGHT and OBLIGATION to achieve their very best in life and to create for oneself, through personal initiative, virtuous ambition and desire, the ability to help craft a better world.

Thinking about where my Environmental Law Degree would eventually land me, places me square in the debate over clean, renewable energy, the ending of burnable fossil fuels (instead, of their continued burning and emitting of Carbon dioxide and other lethal greenhouse gases) being used, as opposed to  natural systems and water ways preservation, the prioritization of recycling and the effective moratorium on extensive forest and woodland cutting, as well as the cessation of employing lethal GMO foods into our global food chain – all of which are urgently necessary endeavors, of which my education and knowledge pursuits have enabled me the expertise to be effective in participating in crafting less dangerous options for human health and the health of our natural world. However, spying on me and others in my line of education and working experience, means that somewhere along the line, we have run afoul of those determined to not see any of these affirmative options come to pass. The suppression of hemp as THE MOST viable of replacements yet for petroleum, has not yet even been remotely explored. The same with making Solar and Wind energy more efficient and cost-effective.  Research and Development dollars being spent on weapons weapons of war and militarization of our police forces have no promise whatever, of having an even remotely equatable return on investment, by comparison.  Or am I the only one who’s paying attention here and has noticed this?

That seemingly improbable set of disasters makes this all the more surreal. That derelict government having committed the gravest of errors and it is the American citizen and peoples of the world who pay the price?  As an impossibly insane set of developments makes this so unbelievable to the average person that only the intervention by divine forces can win this – an impossibly outmatched fight against an unreasonable AND invisible and unquestionably evil foe.

The ACLU, being strapped for cash, is now so selective as to which cases to accept, that outrageous crimes must be committed before they will act. Our government is being held hostage, as our elected representative are all bought and paid for. Very few alternatives remain, but and unless more people understand the cost of doing nothing, is literally placing our nation in the most extreme peril – meaning that we run the risk now, of our Democracy being indeed lost. My sacrifices here are well worth the risk, with the understanding that our Democracy is not just come supreme waste of time and effort, those 240 years on, but rather worth the joining in of such similar act of pacific insurrection.  The only recommendation then is, like our nations founders, PRAY for divine guidance for the intelligence and fortitude for overcome against these seemingly outrageously daunting odds…

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This article is a re-post, from September 2014, to honor those fallen in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  This also is NOW a ‘taboo’ subject that will attract the attention of illegal surveillance, as many ‘key words’ are on the list garnering attention by the NSA, among other agencies.  As I’m re-posting this, I’ve drawn a great deal of attention in the small corner from which I’m working.  The individual pictured, has walked by me at least five times, over the course of 10-15 minutes.  He, among about six other individuals, have been mulling about 0401151704-00-1-StalkedAtDeVos, seemingly aimlessly, when there are plenty of other spaces in this (The DeVos Library of Grand Valley State University) large and quite luxurious ‘supposed’ sanctuary of learning.  After several minutes and several ‘pass-by’s,’ I began feeling those strange sensations (heart palpitations, labored breathing, anxiety, headache, the feeling of raised blood pressure, etc.), up to the time I got the attention of one of the Library staff members, of whom I’ve informed about a previous incident and of which I asked to observe the increased traffic around me, as I went on line to re-post this blog.  Fortunately, being cognizant of my surroundings and informing others of what is going on is one way of putting pressure on those conducting illegal, warrantless surveillance, putting them on notice that you are being WATCHED AS WELL!!!

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Everyone in America remembers that fateful morning 13 years ago, if they were anywhere near a TV or radio.  It was one of those moments frozen in time that will never be forgotten in living memory, as well as being memorialized in the history of a nation for all time.

For some however, it has far more intense meanings.  For those American’s who were actually there, September 11th, 2001 is a constant and recurring recollection that somehow seems as if one tries hard enough, they can change the circumstances and outcomes, or maybe even the event altogether, so that the horror will have never occurred at all.  But then, upon coming back to reality, the realization that another year has passed and the emotion is no less sharp, the pain no less severe, the longing no less deep, for things to be back to the way they were on September 10, 2001…

For one such person, Richard Clarke, Counter Terrorism Chief through three administrations, this would be one day he would very much like to forget, more so than any other American.  As he was the highest official on duty that day, and while beginning like every other for the last several years, this one day would forever haunt him (http://www.nbcnews.com/id/4568982/ns/us_news-security/t/government-failed-you-clarke-testifies/#.VBHjMUDgf4c).  Doing everything in his power to impress upon the new, incoming Bush administration that it needed to take far more seriously, the threats to the nation by al Qaida, he could get no one to listen – much less the desperately needed cooperation he continually asked for.  Not Condi Rice.  Not his direct superior and then-Vice President, Dick Chaney.  Not even the President himself, George W. Bush.  In spite of all that he knew and the seriousness of the knowledge he carried, no one seemed to take Richard Clarke seriously enough to try to improvise, coordinate with outside channels, even to the point of insubordination if necessary, to get someone to act somehow, in find out the information that would keep Americans safe from what Clarke knew was a terrifying prospect – if word on the wire was in fact true – that an attack on the American mainland was eminent and we being terribly – horribly – unprepared, would suffer enormously as a result!

While exasperated that he could not get the cooperation he had asked for and desperately needed, others in his department were frustrated beyond words – and then to actions deemed necessary, if nothing else, meet the challenge of the dangers presumed in the threat-rankings which seemed to increase as the summer went on.  One of those department personnel was John O’Neill – an agent of the FBI, until his abrupt departure from the agency after realizing that the incoming Bush administration was planning to do nothing about the assumed terrorist actions that by all intents and purposes, was looking more likely as the summer of 2001 was winding down.  His foresight was uncanny, but of not much good as he alone was helpless in not being able to adequately create the necessary contingencies that would have addressed and had the nation prepared for what was to come.

Increasingly agitated over what he saw as another case of Washington interference in the security affairs that were keeping the nation and its citizens safe, O’Neill would retire later that summer, out of sheer exasperation with the bureaucracy that always seemed to hamstring the efforts of his agency, more than give them their every need in combating phantom foes of which there seemed no adequate means to anticipate their actions.  Also, because he’d had more than his share of run-ins with  – and not the first dealing with an attack on the World Trade Center – it was in fact eight years earlier, he was also embroiled in disputes over the exact means by which the security agencies should review, in the aftermath of the February, 1993 bombing of the WTC and whether this was just some random action by lone wolf terrorists (as a goodly majority of agents and officials seemed to think), or the start of something of a trend that was only just beginning, with events and a chain of associations, reaching from the Middle East, to Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Philippines, with a common thread being the Mujihadeen.  The very same Mujihadeen which was aided by the Americans during the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, during the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  With nowhere left to aim their anger and zealotry, the most likely place would be the American and European empires of whom they saw as still setting their imperial designs upon underdeveloped nations rich in natural resources, or were of great geographically strategic value.   But their view was focused on the perceived or actual nature of destructiveness to the poor of the world, most especially Muslims of the Middle East and Central and South Asia.

A hard-living womanizer, O’Neill certainly knew his job and was rarely off base, with the abundance of information and contacts he’d acquired over the years, as a long-time FBI agent.  He and Clarke would have a rough start at the outset, but would soon come to rely on each other, per their respective positions in the vast security networks, all of which began working overtime soon after the first WTC attack and the critical importance placed on the eyes and ears needed to keep track of the growing menace of fundamentalist groups that seemingly grew out of the disaffected regions of the Middle East, Central Asia (bordering Russia) and South Asia.  Beginning in 1995, their partnership would take them from the hunt for the 1993 WTC bombing mastermind, Ramzi Yousef, who had been seen in Pakistan and at that time.  As O’Neill’s expertise gave him the ideal vantage point from which to round up such characters and bring them back to the U.S. for trial, he did not disappoint.  On the chance that they had been identified and indicted and if out of reach of American authorities, O’Neill’s service showed why he was the consummate professional in this particular line of covert security, targeting and apprehensions. By assembling his own team of agents that he knew he could rely on, to get the work done that only he could, like very few others of his particular level of the security field, results were the best measurement of success.

This is why his seemingly forced departure was so perplexing to many in the agencies – aside from the increasingly erratic personal behavior – he was still able to get the job done.  The fact that five of the suspects in the 1998 Kenyan and Tanzanian bombings had been rounded up and eventually convicted, with the O’Neill-led investigation, eventually identifying bin Laden as the mastermind and placing him atop the most wanted international terrorist list.  What would occur over the next year could only be described as surreal, as a single security stop at the U.S. – Canadian Port Angeles, Washington border crossing and basically stumbled across the motherload of terror suspect breakthroughs!  Richard Clarke himself described this as the most comprehensive discovery of that period – if not ever in modern time, as the arrest of Algerian Ahmed Ressam, on December 14, 1999, not only thwarted the planned New Year’s bombing of Los Angeles International Airport, but also the planned bombing of the Ahman, Jordan Radisson Hotel, and after sifting through the web of contacts connected to Ressam, which would lead to the preliminary investigations leading directly to the eventual perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attacks! (See http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2002/01/14/the-counter-terrorist)

John O’Neill’s feelings of a lack of appreciation and cooperation – coupled with that of Richard Clarkes’ postulations that their work to uncover terrorists generally, but those who would eventually be involved in the 9/11 attacks specifically, leave a haunting legacy to the aftermath of that tragic day, permitting those of us who have at least broached the truth, to still have still more lingering questions than answers, and to continue wondering even now, how the diligence of just just these two men could change world history?

This day is all the more tragic, in as much as John O’Neill – seeing his duty as protecting the nation with his every last effort, being his very last job, as Head of Security at the World Trade Center, which would be his most challenging.  Never knowing just how close he’d come to being part of the team that took down members of a group committed to creating chaos and terror on American shores, how much greater success could he have achieved had he been blessed with just a hand full more of individuals with the same diligence as he?  And then, by paying the ultimate price, O’Neill would perish in the ruins of the South Tower, where former fellow FBI agent, Wesley Wong last saw him, heading toward, with the express intent to try and assist in the evacuation of potential survivors, prior to the towers collapse.

Being denied the opportunity to help prevent one of the most horrific tragedies in our nations history is especially painful, knowing the team assembled by the Clinton administration, had one of their own waiting in the wings, in the person of Vice President Al Gore.  And it was his department (as was the next Vice President, Dick Chaney) which oversaw and coordinated the Anti-Terrorism Unit, which would have still been intact, at the very moment his (Gore’s) administration had been declared the winner of the electoral dispute of the 2000 election.  That, being the first tragedy, of a plurality of Justices failing to, as former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day-O’Connor would later reflect (http://takingnote.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/29/oconnor-regrets-bush-v-gore/?_r=0), that like many other legal scholars and experts at the time agreed, should have simply said ‘… we’re not going to take it…‘ (in deciding on a yet-incomplete Florida recount process, rushed upwards to the Supreme Court prior to its conclusion) instead of being decided – not on precedence or prevailing law – but along strict party and ideological preferences of the five conservative Justices that made up the majority.

Looking even a step further, how might just 560 or so more voters have made a difference similarly, in Florida, had they cast their votes for someone else on the ballot the night of November 7, 2000?

Knowing what we do now, seeing far more clearly that the very politically conservative Supreme Court Majority decision on December 12, 2000, was wrong, if only for the fact that nearly 3,000 American lives were – at that precise moment – placed in the balance that very night, we will never know with any real certainty, that had Al Gore been allowed the whole of the estimated 180,000 – plus votes that were in dispute and therefore disallowed, would they have made a difference enough to avert the tragedy of September 11, 2001?

For we the living, this is all we have to hold on to, as the reverberations of that one day, shaking us to the core each year still, reminds us of what was, what could have been and what is, yet still today.  But today is a day of remembrances, tears and reflection, so let us engage there once more and reflect…

We have much still to be thankful for, as we’re still working to create a safer world, garnering allies to accompany us on our walk toward a world of peace and co-existence, with the hope that along the way, we’re able to avert future threats from those who misunderstand life to such a point that they would rather quickly end it due to frustration, instead of taking those few minutes necessary to think things through; pray; even talk to someone and come away with just  a small mustard seeds worth of hope, that tomorrow may just possibly be the day that brings the breakthrough they were waiting on – making the planned carnage and death unnecessary, meaningless and in the end, foolish.

This is the hope that is embodied in our Democracy and is the reason we have collectively, avoided great violence throughout our history.  Our unique brand of Democracy, when put to its greater efforts, aims our attention towards tomorrow, in the hope that with a unified, collective effort, we are that much better.  If only more Americans would see this day as the opportunity that it truly represents – in just this fashion… in spite of such sacrifices…

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