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What good does voting do? The answer I keep getting from skeptics and cynics alike is that it does no good. That politicians are going to: either do what they want to do, or: do what they’re told by the powerful, rich and corporate interests. Those certainly aren’t good enough reasons. I have my own, but who listens to me? Who listens to anyone else when a person’s mind is already made up? That is the problem in essence.

People haven’t bothered listening to both sides, exploring indiscriminately and ridding themselves of their biases, as they look through the haze of filtered, propagandized media to reach their own conclusions. Subsequently, errors will again be recorded and the nation will again, be thrown further off track, because far too many American’s chose to trust instead of think. Living in those circumstances again, in the years since 2000, some are again preparing the knife for the letting of the lifeblood of our Civic Culture, to wasted on folly. But again, how do we know?

Why Should I Vote Independent?

Most Independent Party candidates are significantly committed to the edicts and commandments of the constitution and as such, are generally Liberal (http://www.commondreams.org/news/2014/10/31/sanders-only-if-millions-and-millions-rise-can-progressive-agenda-win). These are individuals who have generally separated themselves from the money dominion of the rich and corporations and thus are autonomous from the dictates attached to the money they would otherwise receive.

With a candidate like Bernie Sanders, you are certain to have someone battling for the interests of all citizens equally, for small businesspersons, for equality ( and the Human rights of all people, whether American or not. Likewise, the certainty of a candidate who champions the cause of Environmental preservation and pushing for energy solutions to the menace of continued fossil fuel use, is the only type of lawmaker worthy of our votes.

The only problem is, there aren’t enough sophisticated voters in the nation to give quality, sustained support to Independent candidates who would certainly upset the status quo to such a degree to infuse the type of transformations necessary to remake our nation and our world for the better. And being on the side of the few in Congress who honestly tried to assist in the initiative of recovery, making jobs, education, new, Green energy initiatives, mortgage, banking and investment market reforms, a foundational set of Civic Cultural revitalization priorities, so that the lives of citizens would be improve that much faster, they are a far greater quality of legislator, they are regrettably, all too few in numbers.

Why Would I Vote Republican?

Being wholly owned and paid for by wealthy and corporate interests (http://www.commondreams.org/views/2014/11/01/big-energys-outside-spending-north-carolina-who-benefits), Republican and T-Party candidates have no interest in the public interest – which is where the interests of ALL elected officials should be. In representing the vast citizenry, by virtue of being voted for by the mass of a significant enough proportion of the population, Republican and T-Party conservatives actively work against the interests of the common, ordinary, average poor, working poor, Middle Class and upper Middle Class American.

In the years since the Second Republican Great Depression of the last 80 years, instead of doing what was required and work towards finding solutions to the economic disaster that damaged the lives of so many millions of American’s, conservative Republicans sought to immediately castigate the one person who had nothing at all to do with the demise of the economy (http://ourfuture.org/20140923/the-cost-to-our-economy-from-republican-obstruction-and-sabotage) – both at home and abroad – as well as the wars, the collapse of civil governance, and the trust, solidarity and tolerance we the citizenry who worked so hard to build such a nearly perfect nation before 2001 – Barack Obama is somehow blamed for its demise and downfall?

Yes – that same Barack Obama who would inherit calamity and then be blamed for it by conservatives and who would, in this election, after being stymied and frustrated the length of the last five years, use his record of being obstructed the whole time, against him, calling it a failure of performance as President, am I and every other American suppose to believe it fair or just to evaluate a President on the words of those who did their best to vex the aspirations of President Obama, in securing our national recovery (http://ourfuture.org/20140923/the-cost-to-our-economy-from-republican-obstruction-and-sabotage), and vote for the same Republican and T-Party conservatives responsible for the condition of the nation that is still no different than September 17, 2008?

In being inexorably obsessed with the advancement of the wealthy and corporations, they in turn, are obsessed with their own self-indulgence and enrichment, without question, are we to ignore that only the very wealthiest American’s are the only American demographic to have benefited from the 2008 economic collapse? Are we likewise suppose to overlook the fact that while they (conservatives) could have spent more time assisting President Obama in helping guide the nation toward more more significant progress in helping ALL American’s achieve the very same benefits from a more expansive recovery, conservative Republican and T-Party representatives narrowed their focus on only the rich and corporations – AND in the process, creating misery for 98 percent of the people and the President simultaneously? Is it then wise to vote for any conservative Republican or T-Party candidate?

Is The Best Choice Liberal?

Democrats, being Liberal, have done their best, under the circumstances, to remain true to keeping the interests of the citizenry (http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2014/09/satisfied-citizens.aspx) central to their purpose, as a party. At each juncture of the last five years, they have battled Republican and T-party conservatives, the wealthy and corporations, as well as the tsunami of money that has overwhelmed our political system like it has not seen in over 100 years.

Being in an extreme national and institutional fiscal emergency because of the incompetence of the administration immediately prior to President Obama’s, it was urgent to address the needs of getting people back to work, ending the wars and tax cuts that continued creating economic havoc for the nation, seeing this crisis with unconflicted perceptions was the greatest thing we could have demanded from our elected representatives. Do we realize what we got in the meantime, was impediments to the very serious matters of national recovery and confusion over whose fault it was? Do we now know that it didn’t matter – that it only needed to be fixed, but that by being so divided, the task became that much more insurmountable?

Affordable health care and mortgage reform being the other issues atop the national agenda, wage and income equitization for non-Whites and Women, as well as being a staunch defender of the elderly and college students in keeping social Security solvent and student loan access affordable and transparent, Liberal Independents and Democrats have remained faithful to the non-wealthy during the entire period leading up to, during and after the economic cataclysm of 2008, and yet, are being maligned in one election ad after another.

While beholden to the same money interests that conservative Republican and T-Party candidates now willingly sell their souls to, can we hold the Democrats liable for needing money to battle for spots in elective office, if their strategy has been, is and will in the future, be to assist in the improved conditions of the poor to the wealthy equally and just as relentlessly? This is the choice we have to make in 2 days. It’s not easy and we didn’t make it any more so by failing to cut through the fog and the nonsense and view, with an adult mind and temperament, what was occurring to and around us, approaching the elections of 2010 and 2012.

Being treated as children is dehumanizing. Seeing the demise of a nation is far worse. How we respond to both will determine our future, but it won’t happen by being duped into thinking we are going to benefit by helping others who have only our severe detriment at heart. Understanding the who and the why of your vote this year will decide this nations positive or kismet future. But it will only occur by our individual effort and how that effort translates into a collective result that shows either a cohesive and mature or a divided and irresponsible factional collective…


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